Eco Sponges

homemade upcycled sponges

i consider myself a pretty ecological person that uses pretty much everything re-usable instead of disposable as possible. but every so often i find some new idea. that’s how it was when i read about sibia’s recycled sponges. she made rectangles/squares with two layers of …

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T-shirty Accessories

t shirt sleeve necklace

  i just *LOVE* pinterest and i find loads of ideas there that truly inspire me. the problem is that sometimes i can’t stop thinking about some projects that i want to do exactly as they are and my creativity gets blocked. so every once …

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Upcycled bottle cap dog tags

remember these metal bottle caps (left over from our glass water bottles) and t-shirt sleeves (left over from various projects, such as my bathroom rug)? i also posted a photo of a bunch of cardboard boxes. this stuff was all for a children’s “green art” …

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cardboard play house

i just love cardboard boxes. don’t you? they’re so versatile, so reusable and recyclable, so… free. you can play with them in so many ways. for example, instead of buying the plastic washing machine that my daughter wanted, we made it ourselves from a box. …

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Yoga pants from a skirt

like my new yoga pants? (and my dirty feet?) well, actually, they’re not very new. nor were they always pants. i bought this cotton jersey skirt in the long past 1999. i always liked it in theory, but i’ve never loved actually wearing it because …

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Tile dominos

something that i love about italian beaches: the pieces of sea-washed tiles that you find in the sand. they’ve always fascinated me for their beauty. the top of the top are the ones that are colored on one side (like this “treasure map”), but i …

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$1000 upcycled tie pillow

what should you do when you have bunches of neckties that you don’t need anymore? well, there are loads of ideas online, but the real question is: what did i do with them? pillow covers, obviously! this actually wasn’t my idea, nor was it my …

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Laundry bags from pillowcases

pillowcase laundry bags

perfect line drying weather has officially arrived (gads, how hot and how sunny it is!), so i decided to finally post this project. a while back i saw this tutorial by in color order to make drawstring laundry bags from pillowcases. it seemed like a …

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Orange peel necklaces

aren’t these necklaces pretty? no, i didn’t make them. i saw them at a market in april 2011. i don’t remember what latin american country they came from, but they’re made from seeds, acorns and little cirlces of orange peel. i really love natural jewelry, …

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More upcycled pots

upcycled pots

isn’t this a nice picture? (it’s among my photo-enigmas on my facebook page.) it’s hard to imagine that not even 3 months ago it looked like this: here’s the story. mid-january, while taking a walk along miseno beach, near naples, and looking for shells, we …

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Inner tube into belt

innertube belt

remember that i finally opened up a facebook page for cucicucicoo? to have a bit of fun, i also started a little game in which i publish a photo of one of my recent projects and you have to guess what it is. i started …

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DIY easter egg hunt

easter egg hunt

  i always say that bi-cultural kids got it good because they get the best of two cultures, not just one. on easter, my kids (well, just my daughter for now because the little guy is still too little) got their italian gargantuan chocolate easter …

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Upcycled bathroom rugs, part II

bathroom rug

crap… remember these bath rugs? i made them from an old sheet and old towels. i said that, even leaving the edges unfinished, without zigzagging them, they didn’t fray. well, um…let’s just say that that wasn’t really true. perhaps i’d washed them with a gentle …

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Tutu and wings

i’m really really proud of myself…i made my kids’ carnival costumes myself and i finished them a whole TWO days before my daughter’s school party! i finished them so early that i decided to make a copy of two parts of my daughter’s costume as …

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Handmade shell candles

a few months ago i saw this post by creare scout on how to make candles with shells inside. this blog has all sorts of ideas on activities to do with kids, although this one really isn’t the best example because you have to heat …

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Sock monster

sock monster

i really can’t stand polyester. even less on my feet. i was recently ripped off at the market in my town. i wasn’t really convinced that they were 100% cotton socks, but i bought them anyway. how naive. so now i have this nice collection …

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