DIY easter egg hunt

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i always say that bi-cultural kids got it good because they get the best of two cultures, not just one. on easter, my kids (well, just my daughter for now because the little guy is still too little) got their italian gargantuan chocolate easter eggs and then their american easter egg hunt. in the states we have reusable plastic eggs which you fill up with little gifts before hiding (they don’t exist in italy). i usually stuff them with candies, stickers, or cheap little things i find at the dollar store. but this year i couldn’t find anything interesting in these stores. so i decided to do it my own way.

first i made homemade play doh. (pardon some of these pictures, which i took after midnight while i was frantically trying to get everything ready for the next day!) in the past i’ve always made simple salt dough (one part salt, one part water, two parts flour) because it’s easy and you don’t have to cook it, so the kids can knead it themselves. i’ve heard of other smoother doughs, but i had no intention of using vaseline oil (petroleum byproduct- yuck!). and then i found claudia’s recipe on la casa nella prateria. (mix 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1/2 cup corn starch, 2 tablespoons cream of tartar, 2 tablespoons oil [i used sunflower seed oil], and 2 cups of water. cook and stir over medium heat for 3-4 minutes. then remove from heat and knead in food coloring.) it worked great! this recipe makes quite a bit, so i split it into 4 parts and added about 10 drops of american food coloring to each part. then i had to split each part into another 6 to get them to fit in the eggs. this dough is fantastic and i intend to made it another thousand times or so!

in the past i’ve made quite a few recycled stamps here, here and here. in the comments of this post in the old english part of my blog (which now you can find with the italian part even if the old comments are still there) a friend of mine suggested using styrofoam. i wasn’t sure about it because i imagined the circle texture showing up in the stamped image. then i saw the idea of using styrofoam trays, which are smoother. and then i saw antonella’s stamps on la casa degli antuche. so i made this last type for the easter eggs. you cut out circles from the styrofoam tray a bit bigger than the circumference of the plastic bottle caps (i cut mine too small and sometimes they slip inside the cap, all crooked. so do them like antonella did, not like i did!) and you carve out the design with a pen or pencil. one thing i figure out: don’t push down on the pen to make the cut right away or the styrofoam breaks. you need to draw on the picture and go over and over it pushing very lightly until the cuts are deeper. then you glue the circles onto the caps. fantastic and recycle-y!

i also put in the usual stickers which i already had in my kid teaching stuff and some candies that some nice person had given to sofia, who didn’t remember them at all. (aren’t i mean, giving her something that had already been given to her!) then i prepared only about 9 or 10 eggs for the little guy, putting inside his animal crackers.

seeing as it was raining cats and dogs on easter day, we held the hunt inside our friend’s apartment with her daughter. i hid 68 eggs all over the apartment and then i put the little guy’s eggs all together somewhere really obvious. (and i warned the big girls not to touch them!) what can i say…the hunt and the gifts were a bit hit!

13 thoughts on “DIY easter egg hunt”

  1. non conoscevo la tradizione della caccia alle uova ma per i bambini è di certo molto più divertente che scartare un solo uovo e poi sentirsi dire di non mangiare troppa cioccolata!
    Le sorprese: bellissime!

  2. @airali: e figurati i bimbi, come i miei, che fanno tutti e due, uovo grande e caccia!

    @roby: si sono molto divertite! anche il piccolo si è divertito.

    @pat: anche a me era piaciuta molto, ma devo l'idea agli altri citati!

  3. Che peccato che sia piovuto! Di solito è il momento che i bambini aspettano con ansia: go look for the eggs that the Easter bunny hid in the garden!E' comunque anche divertente colorare le uova
    Bellissima idea!

  4. Siiiiiii! Anche da noi la tradizione della caccia alle uova è sacrosanta!! I bambini l'aspettano forse più del Natale!! I tuoi timbri sono bellissimi, sono felice che l'idea ti sia stata d'aiuto :-)))) Un abbraccio

  5. @isabel: infatti, ma si sono divertite lo stesso dentro casa. noi non facciamo però che sia the easter bunny a nascondere le uova (infatti, easter bunny e il suo cesto pieno di dolcetti è una delle poche tradizioni che non ho mai fatto con i miei bimbi). mia figlia sa che è la mamma a preparare e nascondere le uova della caccia! e non so perché, non abbiamo mai colorato le uova. l'anno prossimo!

    @antonella: infatti, lo so che anche in germania si fa la caccia, quindi non mi sorprende che si fa anche da te. mi fa tanto piacere che ti siano piaciuti! e grazie sempre a te per l'idea! 🙂

  6. anche noi quest'anno caccia alle uova (qui siam mezzi crucchi, ma usiamo proprio gli ovetti di cioccolato), speravo di esser a Monaco e poter usar il guardino invece siam nella casetta milanese che è piccina, magari uso i miei animaletti di cartone per raggrupparne qualcuna!! 🙂 Bellissime idee comunque, buona Pasqua a te e alla tua famiglia! Vale


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