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isn’t this a nice picture? (it’s among my photo-enigmas on my facebook page.) it’s hard to imagine that not even 3 months ago it looked like this:

here’s the story. mid-january, while taking a walk along miseno beach, near naples, and looking for shells, we found this nice piece of worn tile. on the back was a circle and we decided that it was a treasure map. so when we’d find something circle-shaped, we’d take a look under and dig a bit in the sand. but we didn’t find any treasure until we found a car tire dumped on the sand. i lifted it up. i didn’t notice anything, but my daughter saw a teeny tiny plant and decided to save it because that was the treasure. i extracted it carefully from the sand so as not to damage the fragile roots and at home i planted it in a yogurt cup and closed it inside a transparent plastic bag, which works as a greenhouse. i was sure that this fine example of a weed wouldn’t last very long.

but i was oh so wrong! but let’s start from the beginning. do you remember when i used a can and a sock to make an upcycled pot for a succulent? i took the picture at the beginning of that post at the beginning of june and i even noted that, when i wrote the post 2 weeks later, that it had already grown considerably. i don’t know if it’s possible that some trace of nutritional yeast left over after washing could have worked as fertilizer or what, but despite the fact that a few times the pot both fell from the window sill and got smushed by the roller shutters a few times and therefore the plant got pieces of it broken off quite a few times, by the end of november it had grown like this:

and by the end of january like this:

and at the end of february, i had to put it out on the balcony in a bigger pot because it had gotten just too big to fit in my daughter’s bedroom window anymore.

i therefore had an empty pot and the little plant saved from the beach to pot. but in the meantime i had bought another two mini succulents, one because my daughter insisted and the other from boy scouts who came ringing at my door one day. so another two socks (the other striped socked was used for my son’s monster rattle):

and i made another two upcycled pots and the plants all had new homes.

the plant saved from the beach seemed a bit limp and i was afraid that my daughter would end up disappointed.

but after only a week, it had perked right up. (early february)

and was quite prospering by early april! (do you like the sticker on the window? it was left over from my childhood. i told you that i’ve always loved cats!)

and go figure, i took these pictures 2 or 3 weeks ago and it’s already gotten more mega in the meantime!! i can only say: these pots must be magic somehow! in any case, my little girl was right: she had really found a treasure in that plant!

this is totally unrelated, but as i’m writing this post, i’m having a second helping of this pie that i made this morning. and i’m considering a third helping. perhaps i’ll have this pie for dinner tonight… after all, it’s made from tofu and doesn’t have sugar in it, so it’s healthy, right? try it… it’s amazing!

26 thoughts on “More upcycled pots”

  1. Ciao Lisa!
    Che bellissimo racconto delle vicende della pianta-tesoro e complimenti per il reportage fotografico!!!
    Io ho quasi terminato di frequentare un corso sull'orto in terrazzo: ci sono piccoli risultati che spero di riuscire a condividere presto =)

  2. So very clever of you! Love your pots. I have a few old sweater….the sleeves might work too on regular clay pots. I'll definitely make that pie and have it 3 times a day.

  3. hi kathrin, thanks for stopping by! i'm sure the sweater sleeves would be perfect! the important thing is that they stretch a bit. but i guess if you sewed them like the pots you posted about, they would be even more gorgeous! this is just a very quick fix to slip them over like this.

    and yes, make that pie! it is definitely worth it! i even played a trick on my father-in-law, who's always made rude comments about my eating tofu. i had him try it first and say how good it is before telling him what it was made from! ha ha!

  4. Lisa, ti ringrazio per essere passata dal mio blog.
    Vedere cio'che fai,
    mi conferma quante donne ci siano, creative, versatili come te.
    Le eccezionali artigiane/artiste dei blog italiani.
    Bisognerebbe trovare il modo di farvi conoscere.
    Siete una ricchezza sommersa e una delle cose belle della cultura italiana.
    Buona giornata.

  5. grazie eli! sento una tenerezza nei confronti di quella piantina e mi sento un po' in colpa che davo per scontato che sarebbe morta subito. meno male che c'è mia figlia meravigliosa e piena di ottimismo!

  6. ciao cucicucicoo
    anche se in ritardo eccomi a curiosare sul tuo blog che trovo molto carino e ricco di tante idee
    ciao rosa.kreattiva

    P.S. grazie per aver partecipato al creativy link 🙂

  7. ma figurati! non sono più passata a vedere gli altri link da te perché sono stata un po' incasinata (ma li ho guardati quando ho linkkato e ci sono molte belle idee!), quindi ora ci vado!

  8. What a lovely story about looking for treasures based on the "map" – what a lovely idea! I can hardly even comment about the fun pots because I'm still so taken with the thought of you introducing some… wonder and adventure* into what could have been an ordinary walk on the beach.

    * "wonder and adventure" aren't quite the words I was looking for, but can't think of a better alternative…

  9. oh, thank you for the sweet comment, karin! when i'm not half asleep and/or grumpy (not too often, i'm afraid), i try to get us using our imaginations a bit.


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