Dye from dried-out markers

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i saw this idea at pane, amore e creatività more than two years ago and i really wanted to try it. but it took me a year to get around to it. and then it took me another year to blog about it. so don’t ask me too many questions because now i can’t really remember the details!!

this beautiful colored liquid is nothing other than a recycled dye made from the internal colored part of dried-up markers. basically, you test out all the markers in your house and put aside those that don’t draw anymore. they might be dried up for drawing, but not for all types of coloring! separate them by color and open them up. you put the color cylinder things inside alcohol in glass jars and after a few days you’ll have lovely colored dye to use all sorts of ways. when i only had a couple of one color (for example, i only had two reds), i cut them smaller to fit inside a little baby food jar and put in just a little alcohol. for all the details and some cool ideas on how to use it, see this bilingual post at rosi jo’, the inventor of this tecnique.

she used it to dye paper, thicker paper stock, couscous, salt, pasta and even a  starfish. i first tried it out with pasta. my daughter was home sick for a few days when we did this one year ago, so one day she decided how much pasta to do of each color. (how strange that wall behind her looks. now it’s covered with drawings!)

then one or two days later i took it out of the jars. what pretty colors! (although many of the tints came out similarly to others) we made a necklace out of this pasta. years ago, i used to make necklaces out of ziti painted in stripes. go figure that i even wore these necklaces that are so typical of little kids in the last year of high school! (i was already considered a little weird, so what did i care?!) but necklaces made with this type of dyed pasta have quite a different effect. then the paper i dried the dyed things on became quite lovely in its own right, so i dried that out to use to wrap a gift.

now, rereading rosi jo’s post, i was reminded that you can also dye twine with this. i always tie up my products that i sell with ribbon, but i thought it would be nice to use dyed twine instead. even though a year has gone by, i still have the jars with the dyes in them, so i just now put some plain twine in. we’ll see if it still works ok! i’ll let you know in the next post. in any case i still need to write about this technique because i did a few experiments with a different material. what do you think it is? and what other materials do you think could be dyed in this recycled way?

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  1. Buon dì Lisuccia, il progetto col quale hai partecipato al linky party per la festa della mamma è piaciuto moltissimo. Congratulazioni!

    Mia mamma mi ha fatto notare che anche noi facevamo queste cose da piccoli solo che io non ricordo molto bene… pero' mi ha tirato fuori una collanina di pasta {farfalline per la precisione} pitturata da me una trentina di anni fa e il colore tiene ancora!

    Alex – Topogina

  2. che bello! già l'ho pubblicato sulla pagina fb e ho messo il bannerino nella mia colonna laterale. mi fa tantissimo piacere!

    ma che brava tua mamma che, dopo tanti anni, ha ancora la tua collanina di pasta dipinta!


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