Meeting up with Ork’Idea and Arteteca

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the first week of 2012 has a nice surprise for me…i had the opportunity to meet cristina from ork’idea atelier and rachele from arteteca, two italian bloggers that i just love for their creative use of recuperated materials. what can i say…it was so cool to be able to meet them in person and get to know them a little, to meet the real people behind the virtual personas!

they were both so sweet and thoughtful and each brought me a little package with some of their own creations. cristina gave me: a cd with her course on working with paper,

earrings made with a technique that i’d wanted to try (in this other cd)

and a heart a là cristina.

rachele brought me:

a necklace made with t-shirt yarn, weed wacker line and pieces of metal bottle caps

earrings made from plastic bottle caps filled in with pet (the bottle itself)

a bracelet made from pet

all packaged inside this very cool bag made from a cereal box!

these two artists are so awesome and it was so great to get to know them! if you haven’t already visited their blogs, i highly recommend it!

10 thoughts on “Meeting up with Ork’Idea and Arteteca”

  1. Grazie Lisa!!!

    Qui la vita è ripresa a mille, poco pc e tanto da fare 😉 Non ho ancora risposto alla tua e-mail, vergognaaaa!! Ti abbraccio e Vi aspettiamo qui da noi.
    Un bacio ai cuccioli,


  2. @cristina: ma figurati, che vergogna! anzi, mi fa piacere che sei impegnata con i tuoi lavori e i preparativi per la fiera! un abbraccio anche a te!

    @lo: che bello rivederti! ricambio il baciotto!


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