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i really can’t stand polyester. even less on my feet. i was recently ripped off at the market in my town. i wasn’t really convinced that they were 100% cotton socks, but i bought them anyway. how naive. so now i have this nice collection of new socks that i don’t like. (i also have a nice collection of used socks to recuperate, but i’ll write about those another time.) luckily, i already had some ideas of what to do with them, so i wasn’t too bummed about it. i wanted to make a snake stuffed toy from quite a few of the socks. and i knew i wanted to make these monsters. and, who knows, maybe i’ll make another of these pots. first off, i made this little guy:

i followed the instructions exactly except two things. (and looking at the original post, i now see that i too photographed my little monster in front of a door with peeling paint, which i assure you is a total coincidence…or perhaps my subconscious that remembered the original photo very well, who knows….) 1. i folded the bottom part of the monster inwards before sewing because i didn’t like it sticking out. and 2. i put a handmade rattle inside.

to make the rattle, i put some rice inside a kinder surprise egg (which i also used for my advent calendar). oh, and now that i think about it, there’s a third deviation: i didn’t use buttons for the eyes, even though i like them that way, because my little guy puts everything in his mouth and it would’ve been dangerous.

instead i sewed (and pretty badly, i might add, but i did it in a rush the night before giving it away, so i wasn’t particularly picky) some scraps of fleece on for eyes and also a couple of teeth after my husband said that you couldn’t tell that the thing in the middle was a mouth. i think it was pretty obvious, but i do like it a lot more with the teeth.

and here’s the recipient: my nicky (with a nice bruise on his forehead) who got it for a saint’s day gift (in catholic countries, this day is celebrated pretty often). i’d like to say that he really liked it, but i can’t. at first he threw it a couple of times, then laughed a bit, and then his sister took it over. oh well, at least someone is enjoying it!

8 thoughts on “Sock monster”

  1. Oh my Gosh! Your son has grown a lot and he seems like a great charmer to me!
    I love your sock monster Lisa and if you like you may want to make a wrist warmer (I have a tute on my blog about turning socks into warmers 🙂

  2. hi maya! yes, that he is!
    i forgot to write about the wrist warmers and i actually made a pair yesterday, but much more simple than what you made. i will write about those next and will link to your idea, too! 🙂 lisa


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