Upcycled bathroom rugs, part II

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remember these bath rugs? i made them from an old sheet and old towels. i said that, even leaving the edges unfinished, without zigzagging them, they didn’t fray. well, um…let’s just say that that wasn’t really true. perhaps i’d washed them with a gentle cycle and therefore they didn’t fray. but with a regular washing cycle (which they need, in my opinion, to get rid of all the nastiness that builds up on them), the edges fray. luckily, they can be cut off too.

i still had some odds and ends of towel pieces left over and still more fabric from the ripped sheet, so i made another two of these babies. but this time sewing them on with a zig zag, not straight stitch.

i used every single piece left over, so no waste at all, yah! if i’d wanted to do it properly, i would have used fusible interfacing (as i did here, here and here), but i didn’t and you can see that some of the shapes moved around, so the triangles aren’t perfect (just look how the tips curve!!) and they don’t make rectangles when paired as i’d planned in the rug pictured below. oh well.

here’s the back of one of the completed panels before sewing it on to the towel backing. it would’ve been almost as cool to just leave the back showing, huh?

here’s a detail before washing it, still nice and new:

…and here it is after a regular washing. perfect! not even one thread frayed!

and tomorrow i promise to show you (as i already promised) what i did with my old destroyed bath rugs!
**and here they are!**

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