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Be good to your body and the environment, while saving money! It’s easy with this cloth menstrual pads digital PDF sewing pattern (available in English or Italian). 16 pad variations to fit all body types and needs!

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One cloth menstrual pads pattern in either English or Italian (choose your preferred language in the drop-down menu above). Please note that this is an instant downloadable PDF pattern, NOT a finished sewn product!

Take care of your body and spirit with Cucicucicoo cloth menstrual pads. Cloth helps you avoid the health and environmental harm (not to mention the cost) of disposable pads and tampons. They are also perfect as menstrual cup backup.

Cloth pads are more absorbent than their disposable counterparts and don’t stick to your skin or make you sweat. They are simple to use and machine wash (indications are given in the instructions). When out of the home, snap up the smaller sizes into a compact packet, and put your used pads in a wet bag! For more information on why and how to use cloth menstrual pads, see this page.

Why is this pattern awesome?

  • Ideals: no more guilt trips about throwing away disposable products.
  • Comfort: no more itchy plastic and bleached paper on your skin, or crinkly sound.
  • Beginner level: you don’t have to be a sewing pro to make these.
  • Customized to you: get the perfect fit for your body and needs with four pad sizes (including pantyliner and night/postpartum pad), each with four wing or wingless variations (including two designs for use with thong underwear).
  • Safety: make your pad waterproof to avoid leaking (or keep it non-waterproof if you prefer)
  • Everyone loves options! Choose between three different sewing methods.
  • Simplicity and speed: two PDF files for instant download
  • Save money: no more money spent on disposables. Also, small-scale production for sale is allowed.

Cloth Menstrual Pads for a natural approach to your period. A PDF sewing pattern by Cucicucicoo Patterns

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The instructions include:

  • 30-page pattern with the soaker and wing pieces for all 16 variations, with a table specifying which pages to print (here’s a tutorial on how to print and assemble PDF patterns)
  • discussion of fabrics, including upcycling options
  • professional line drawings illustrating each step
  • links to tutorials for specific techniques
  • cutting guide for fabric optimization if sewing multiple pads at once
  • printable information sheet to include with gifts or sold sewn items

Cloth Menstrual Pads for a natural approach to your period. A PDF sewing pattern by Cucicucicoo Patterns

To sew this product, you need:

  • Regular sewing machine (overlock machine optional in some steps)
  • Very basic sewing skills (Need sewing help? Take my free sewing lessons!)
  •  Acrobat Reader for viewing the PDF file (click to download it for free)

Cloth Menstrual Pads for a natural approach to your period. A PDF sewing pattern by Cucicucicoo Patterns

Necessary fabric requirements per pad:

  • For the top layer: a small amount of flannel or velour of any natural fiber (cotton, bamboo, hemp, etc.), or synthetic microfleece or suedecloth
  • For the inner soaker layer/s: a small amount of terry or fleece of any natural fiber (cotton, bamboo, hemp, etc.), or microfiber or Zorb
  • For the bottom waterproof layer: a small amount of PUL or felted wool (or any fabric for a non-waterproof pad)
  • One snap set (two sets per thong pad)

How to download the PDF files:

You can download the pattern files immediately after purchase, or download them from the email that will be sent to the address you purchased from. Please note that you will only be able to download the files ONE time, so please make sure that you will be able to save them when you click to download. The one download does not expire, so there is no rush to do so immediately!

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