Upcycled bottle cap dog tags

remember these metal bottle caps (left over from our glass water bottles) and t-shirt sleeves (left over from various projects, such as my bathroom rug)? i also posted a photo of a bunch of cardboard boxes. this stuff was all for a children’s “green art” …

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cardboard play house

i just love cardboard boxes. don’t you? they’re so versatile, so reusable and recyclable, so… free. you can play with them in so many ways. for example, instead of buying the plastic washing machine that my daughter wanted, we made it ourselves from a box. …

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Balloon Balls

balloon balls

i know you’ve seen those balls made out of balloons filled with flour or rice. the ones you can squeeze when you’re stressed or just play around with. and most certainly you’ve thought, “there’d be nothing to making one myself.” perhaps you thought, all you …

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Dye from dried-out markers

i saw this idea at pane, amore e creatività more than two years ago and i really wanted to try it. but it took me a year to get around to it. and then it took me another year to blog about it. so don’t …

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More upcycled pots

upcycled pots

isn’t this a nice picture? (it’s among my photo-enigmas on my facebook page.) it’s hard to imagine that not even 3 months ago it looked like this: here’s the story. mid-january, while taking a walk along miseno beach, near naples, and looking for shells, we …

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DIY easter egg hunt

easter egg hunt

  i always say that bi-cultural kids got it good because they get the best of two cultures, not just one. on easter, my kids (well, just my daughter for now because the little guy is still too little) got their italian gargantuan chocolate easter …

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Happy day, Daddy!

hand family portrait on t-shirt

i admit that last year i wasn’t able to make even a little token gift for my hubby for father’s day. the little guy just didn’t want to let me. (even if the big gal wrote him a very cute book which was very much …

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Handmade shell candles

a few months ago i saw this post by creare scout on how to make candles with shells inside. this blog has all sorts of ideas on activities to do with kids, although this one really isn’t the best example because you have to heat …

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For the dads

in italy father’s day is celebrated march 19, but in the united states (and many other countries) it’s celebrated the third sunday of june…that is, today! my hubby’s favorite father’s day gift so far is the portrait t-shirt and he wears it with much pride. …

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100% upcycled pot

first of all, i’d like to thank all the italians who voted in the referendum. i’m so happy with the result! i don’t know about you, but i always need more plant pots. i feel like i’m constantly buying new ones. so i decided to …

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Handmade Bookmark with Portrait (Gifts by Kids)

Make a handmade bookmark with a portrait as a DIY gift! Your child draws the picture and you embroider over it, or the child just paints directly on the fabric. The DIY fabric bookmark is a fun homemade gift that will be a favorite among family and friends! #giftsbykids #diyfabricbookmark

One of the first craft books that I bought and that I’ve loved very much is Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule*. This book was the inspiration for my repurposed towel and bedsheet bathroom rugs. But it also inspired me to make a handmade bookmark …

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December 1st…break out those advent calendars!

yesterday i took the advent calendar that i made last year out from storage and my daughter put all the gift-holding ornaments on it. we made these ornaments mostly from the plastic containers inside kinder eggs. she was thrilled to see all the eggs again …

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From puzzle mat to bulletin board

last week i made stamps from the letters from one of those little foam letter puzzles and i wondered how to use up the remaining foam pieces. i got some good ideas from my readers, but in the end i made a little “cork” board …

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How to make homemade foam stamps from old puzzles

Everyone loves playing with stamps! And it’s super easy to make homemade foam stamps from old foam puzzles and bottle caps… without paying a cent! A repurposing tutorial by www.cucicucicoo.com

Our family is stamp-addicted. We have a really insane collection of stamps that we take out from time to time to create crazy scenes with people, speech bubbles, animals, aliens and any and every other thing you could possibly imagine. And I didn’t buy a …

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Cardboard play house

this year i gave my husband an ikea armchair for christmas. he was about to flatten the huge box to put out with the recyclables, but i stopped him. after all, you don’t get a box this big every day and i absolutely needed to …

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Happy holidays! Befana stockings

best wishes to all of you out there! as anyone at all catholic (or living in a catholic community) knows, today is epiphany. i know i missed sending out new year’s wishes, but i hadn’t been able to write anything because i had tracheitis, which …

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DIY foam stamps

My daughter has discovered just how much fun stamping is. And I have discovered just how expensive those cute stamps are. One of my posts that has gotten the most comments was about making stamps out of old flip flops, but that’s a bit labor-intensive. …

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