From puzzle mat to bulletin board

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last week i made stamps from the letters from one of those little foam letter puzzles and i wondered how to use up the remaining foam pieces. i got some good ideas from my readers, but in the end i made a little “cork” board for my daughter, completely from upcycled materials, obviously!

i put the pieces together (spelling the word “love” in the center, even though i don’t know how much anyone really notices it). then i cut out a backing from a cereal box (i just love using cereal boxes for so many things!) and i glued a piece of black construction paper on top. i spread some glue on the backs of the puzzle pieces and placed them (all in one piece) on the black surface. i put some books on top to keep it flat while it dried.

for the hook i bent a twist tie and attached it with some black electrical tape…

…and there you have it! happy easter to all of you!

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