DIY foam stamps

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My daughter has discovered just how much fun stamping is. And I have discovered just how expensive those cute stamps are. One of my posts that has gotten the most comments was about making stamps out of old flip flops, but that’s a bit labor-intensive. There are easier ways to make stamps, such as carving potatoes or using different fruits and vegetables cut in half to see what fun designs they make. But you obviously can’t keep those forever without stinking up the house.

The Boston Children’s Museum is a fabulous place for kids and adults alike and I’ve gone god knows how many times since I was a wee one. One of the things that I’ve always loved in the museum is the Recycle Shop, where there are bins full of “trash,” from bits of felt or shiny paper to fabric paint to mountains of Monopoly pieces. There are all sorts of example crafts hanging all over the place to show what sort of things you can make from these recycled things. As they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I totally agree!

Leave it to this shop to come up with a great idea for making your own stamps. They sell packages with about 6 jar caps and two pieces of sticky-backed foam board, one of which already had pre-stamped animal shapes on it. Just peel them off (or cut out your own shapes) and stick them on the top of the caps. It’s great to be using materials that would have been thrown away otherwise from whatever factories they must have come from, but if you don’t live anywhere near Boston, it’s plenty easy to make them yourself, just buying the sticky-backed foam board in a craft shop and using the tops from your own used jars at home. Super easy and lots of fun!

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  1. ciao taced, in passato ho usato anch'io la tempera, ma non funziona benissimo con questo tipo di timbro perché basta un pochino di pittura di troppo e l'immagine non viene bene. ora con i timbri uso solo i tamponi per l'inchiostro di colori diversi- funziona benissimo e una volta tanto c'è meno da pulire dopo! quando stavo negli stati uniti ho comprato dei tamponi con inchiostro all'acqua che in teoria si lava meglio, anche se non è proprio così!

  2. grazie del suggerimento…ho appena finito di "timbrare" con la tempera (passa dal mio blog nei prossimi giorni, dovrei riuscire a pubblicare il tutorial dei miei timbri): probabilmente in futuro userò pure io i tamponi normali.
    ciao ciao,


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