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in italy father’s day is celebrated march 19, but in the united states (and many other countries) it’s celebrated the third sunday of june…that is, today!

my hubby’s favorite father’s day gift so far is the portrait t-shirt and he wears it with much pride. this year i wanted to make him another t-shirt with both kids’ handprints or something like that, but i just didn’t manage in time. instead he got a gift which i played a much smaller part in: a book written and illustrated by my daughter.

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she dictated the story to me and i wrote it down just as she told it. then she drew the pictures, did a bit of collage, stamped, etc, until she was happy with it. i know it’s not the first time that a kid makes a gift like this, but sometimes while trying to think of a good homemade gift, you can forget about the most simple things and how they can be the best gifts!

for her nonno (grandfather), sofia made a pen holder, using one of these tin cans (like i used here).

i cut out a piece of colored paper (her choice) the size of the can and she decorated as she wanted. then she put the glue on herself and i helped her apply it to the sides of the can.

in the end i had to show her how to put more glue under the pieces that she cut out and glued on because rolling it up the edges came off the paper. unfortunately i forgot to take a picture before we gave it away, but you can get a good idea from here what it was like. i honestly don’t know how much the nonno appreciated this gift, but my hubby wanted one just like it for himself!

happy father’s day, dads!

4 thoughts on “For the dads”

  1. This is wonderful!What a fabulous gift for a father !!
    I have tons of my kids creations and I don't have the heart to get rid of them knowing how much love, patience and attention they have given each handcrafted gift!!

  2. grazie per i vostri pensieri! scusate il ritardo con cui ho risposto…la vita mi aveva un po' sommerso!

    thanks, maya! sorry it took so long to respond, but i've been swamped by life!


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