Tutorial: How to make easy letter magnets with kids

How to make easy letter magnets with kids

How to make easy letter magnets with kids

My kids, like pretty much every other kid I know, just love drawing and coloring.

We just got back the other day from a fantastic visit with family and friends in the United States. Before we left, a friend of mine requested some of my children’s artwork to hang on her refrigerator as a gift. She has a little girl herself and so, knowing how much kids love magnets, I thought that a useful and fun way to give fridge artwork would be to make colored letter magnets that are fridge artwork in and of themselves!

How to make easy letter magnets with kids

This was a great project to do together as a family and my kids loved making these, as well as playing with them afterwards. (And they were a big hit with my friend’s daughter, too!) Want some for yourself? Well then read on to find out how to make them!

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school hopi eyes

Just look at these. Seriously, just look at them. A class of 7-year-olds made those Hopi Eye Christmas ornaments. And pretty much by themselves. Sure, I needed to help the kids making knots and showing them how to wind the yarn around the popsicle sticks. …

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reposting my bottle-houses

pony house

i had a nasty little surprise when i found out that one of my photos (which you can see here, among other places), taken from this post of mine, is getting passed around the internet without any reference whatsoever to the original source. that means …

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happy daddy’s day!

cardboard frame

considerably late, let me show you what my kids made for their daddy for father’s day this year (march 19). (this year i didn’t make him anything myself. last year i made him a sort of family portrait t-shirt and in 2010 a t-shirt with …

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plastic and chocolate eggs

Easter eggs 2013

last year i showed you our traditional easter egg hunt. this year we did a similar one, but with the main difference that WE prepared the eggs, not me on my own, as has always happened until now, because my daughter wanted to participate in …

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Last minute befana solution

in campania, the region of italy where we live, a witch called la befana comes the night before epiphany and leaves candy and gifts for kids. these days everyone just buys those prepackaged stockings in the supermarket. within our own family we use the christmas …

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advent countdown: december 1-3

and here we are with the countdown! if you follow me on facebook, you might have already seen the first days of my advent calendar countdown with activities to do with kids. unfortunately i just can’t manage to post here on the blog every day, …

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advent calendar countdown!

and here we are again, nearly the beginning of december, otherwise known as 24 days of trying to think of something nifty to put inside the advent calendar every day! a lot of bloggers talk about this and wonder what to put inside it. this …

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“new” crayons from old ones

i’d seen the idea of recuperating all those little broken pieces of crayons, melting them in molds, making new crayons with all different colors in them. what fun! then i found another version of this project, but putting the molds inside a hot car. genius! …

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shoebox housing

doll house from shoeboxes

i just love cardboard, and even more cardboard boxes. (here are some ideas to use them) but shoeboxes aren’t so bad, either! (and can you by any chance tell that we like superga shoes?) how did i use them this time? ok, try to imagine …

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