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loot (handmade and non) from easter egg hunt

last year i showed you our traditional easter egg hunt. this year we did a similar one, but with the main difference that WE prepared the eggs, not me on my own, as has always happened until now, because my daughter wanted to participate in all stages of the hunt. we tried out a new recipe for homemade play doh using lemon juice instead of cream of tartar (which i’d run out of and couldn’t find again in time) which i’d recently seen on the wonderful blog quando fuori piove. (and i’ll add that it had the best results of any other recipe i’ve tried til now!) and then we also made these “rock” crayons made from beeswax, soap and food coloring (a bit annoying to make, as we don’t have a microwave oven and doing it over the stovetop was very long. then they don’t even color very well, so i won’t be making those again!).

loot (handmade and non) from easter egg hunt

we cut up the modelling clay, and put the pieces and the rock-crayons inside the eggs and then filled up the rest with candies (recycled, i admit, from the many candies people have given the kids), stickers, erasers, etc. easter morning i hid the 91 eggs in our living room (we’d wanted to do it outside, but it rained all morning),  the five kids ran here and there picking them up, they opened them, they traded and then they all played together. we all had a great time. here’s a photo-story of our morning:

squashing handmade play doh
play doh burger
making a play doh burger (with handmade "rock" crayon)
mega play doh burger
handmade play doh in egg cartons
handmade play doh in egg cartons
i WILL open this candy on my own!
testing out the handmade rock crayons
testing out the handmade rock crayons

we don’t respect just traditions from the united states in our family, but also italian ones. we couldn’t leave out the mega chocolate eggs with a surprise inside!

chocolate easter eggs, opened
love those chocolate easter eggs!

what did you do for easter this year?

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  1. love it Lisa! and need this excellent clay recipe:-) and I just saw cream of tartar at the carrefour express near my house!!!! I'll get you some!

  2. hey caroline! the link is right up there in the first paragraph. definitely blend up the salt as the author suggested because it helps make it super smooth. get out, cream of tartar in a supermarket, of all the crazy places?! 😉 i finally checked at a pharmacy as i'd heard people tell me to do, half expecting them to laugh at me, and they confirmed that the pharmacy's the place to get it, except they were out and hadn't called their supplier yet to get more. a cream of tartar supplier?! what….??!! haha!


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