homemade upcycled peppa pig magnets

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peppa pig upcycled homemade magnets

my kids just love peppa pig. so they were pretty lucky to have gotten the joy of 3 peppa pig mega easter eggs this year. it seemed a shame to throw out the outer papers with their favorite characters (as well as the crayon container from inside one of the eggs), so i decided to use them with…

pieces from peppa pig easter eggs to cut up for homemade upcycled magnets

…some scrap pieces of magnet lamination (you can see some scraps and i already mentioned this type of project in this christmas post) to make upcycled homemade peppa pig magnets!

scraps of magnet lamination sheets to be upcyled into new magnets

it couldn’t get much easier. all you have to do is glue the pieces of paper onto the magnet pieces, cut out the shape, and there you have some cute little magnets!

gluing peppa pig pieces onto scraps of magnet lamination sheets

but i still had more cardstock pieces to use up as well as the outer shapes from a magnetic sheet from a toy.

scrap of magnets to be glued onto the backs of peppa pig paper pieces

so i cut up these scrap pieces and glued them together behind the paper.

piecing scraps of magnet onto the back of the cardboard pieces

and now the kids have quite a few upcycled and no-cost magnets to play with! my son is partial to george and susy sheet, but my daugher is faithful to peppa. do your little ones like these characters, too?

peppa pig upycled homemade magnets

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  1. ciao lazyfish,
    il mio laminatore viene dagli stati uniti (mia sorella me l'ha dato) ed è questo modello. la cartuccia con il laminato magnetico per questo modello è questo. non li vedo su amazon.it. ma sicuramente ci saranno altre marche che si trovano qui in italia anche!


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