advent calendar countdown: dec. 9 – 10 (decorate it!)

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i’m not crazy about christmas decorations, but in our home there are four types of them, two of which you’ve already seen (the advent calendar and the christmas tree). my daughter loves putting these decorations up, so all four became advent calendar activities this year. so the other two?

december 9: the nativity scene. naples is famous for its nativity scenes and it’s always fun to walk along via san gregorio armeno to see all the little figurines and pieces for them. (except around the holidays, when going anywhere near the area is total madness.) i recently took a little video of a bunch of motorized pieces, but i can’t upload my pictures from my phone today, who knows why, so i can’t show you it. however i will show you our nativity scene which is, as everything is with us, a bit odd.

first of all, we don’t have a base, which is part of the show of the neapolitan scene, just random pieces, chosen for their aesthetic qualities, not their meaning. and my daughter loves playing with it. (and, being terracotta, i am constantly super glue-ing them back together.) so all sorts of other toys and the most random things end up in the scene. this year there’s also a sign saying, “betlemme, via presepus” (tough to translate, basically a fake latin version of “bethlehem, nativity street.”). one day, which organizing a “market” at home, they covered the walls with all these sorts of signs.

but what i love most about our nativity scene is that we have two baby jesuses! some might take that as blasphemy, but i find having twin jesuses absolutely hilarious!

december 10: christmas stockings. i already wrote a while back about our christmas stockings (in the united states santa leaves gifts in the stocking. in naples the befana, a witch, does it at epiphany. in our home, both do!), which i made in the style that my aunt used when she made them for all the kids of my generation in my family. i’ve made four more in the past couple of years.

here are two that i did at the same time, and you can see some similarities between them. the christmas tree is for my nicky and the other i can’t say because the recipient still hasn’t seen it, so it needs to stay a surprise!

my little girl was a bit envious of her brother’s christmas tree stocking and started saying that she wanted the tree on hers (she has snowflakes). so for one day of the advent calendar last year i made her a similar tree, just not attached to anything. she was quite happy about it and never asked to change stockings again!

these other two were for my cousin’s children. (one is missing the name because he still wasn’t born.) the comet was pretty tricky to get so i was happy with it. it was my daughter’s idea to give it a face, and i must say she was right. but it still seemed too blah.

so i did some embroidery with golden metallic thread. at first i did little lines, but they came out terribly. i took them out but they left very visible marks. after various attempts, it ended up with golden dots. there’s also a thicker golden thread going around the comet’s edges.

i was very happy with the poinsettia right from the start. the way the many pieces were sewn on gives it a more 3-D look. this is the difference from the first set of stockings i’d already made: this time i did a lot more embroidery and sewing.


and to wrap up, here are just a couple of close-ups of the upper edges. people who come to our home don’t understand why we have stockings hanging up, but we just love them! nice and personalized… just the way we like things!

2 thoughts on “advent calendar countdown: dec. 9 – 10 (decorate it!)”

  1. First of all, I absolutely LOVE your stockings — and I'm so glad you posted your latest ones to see. That pointesetta is beautiful! But what really got me smiling on this post is the twin Jesus babies. That's absolutely hilarious (even if possibly blasphemous, too)!

  2. linda, you hadn't seen the comet and poinsettia ones? ondeya and wetufe opened them up last christmas! i also love that poinsettia… i had half a mind to keep it for nicky, but i thought it was slightly girly and therefore more appropriate for ondeya.

    i know, the twin jesus babies keep cracking me up, too! i don't know how well they go over with people here in italy, though, who generally take this sort of thing pretty seriously!


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