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school hopi eyesJust look at these. Seriously, just look at them.

school hopi eyesA class of 7-year-olds made those Hopi Eye Christmas ornaments. And pretty much by themselves. Sure, I needed to help the kids making knots and showing them how to wind the yarn around the popsicle sticks. And sure, the plan was that they were supposed to look like these:

woven hopi eye christmas tree ornamentsSure, most of them have the weaving done alternating on each side or just piled on itself, and some kids just couldn’t figure it out and ended up just winding the yarn around the center. But I think they’re freakin’ amazing.

school hopi eyes

Doing manual projects with kids can be so enlightening. It’s almost certain that at some point they’ll deviate from the original plan. Children open up your mind to all sorts of new possibilities. Their Hopi Eyes, while not “perfect” in the literal sense, have an amazing depth and personality to them, just like their creators. And to see their faces light up as they saw them come together. And how they beamed when I exclaimed how beautiful they were. Priceless. We made these this morning to sell at the school’s upcoming charity Christmas market. Many of the kids told me that they wanted to buy their own from the market, but they might end up disappointed… I’m considering buying up the lot of them!

Creare Per Resistere
Would you like to try this kid-friendly project at home or at your child’s school? Well then, come back on December 6th for the full photo tutorial! The English version will be published in full here on, but the Italian version will be published as part of Elisabetta’s advent calendar Christmas countdown on her blog, Creare per r’ESISTERE. (edit: the tutorials have been published here in English and here in Italian!)il laboratorio dell'autoproduzione
Other fun news? I am one of the regular contributing authors at the newly launched Italian website, Il Laboratorio dell’Autoproduzione (The Self-Made Workshop), where you can find tutorials for self-made products running the gamut from sewing and upcycling (my faves!) to cooking, making cosmetics, woodworking, and more. Right now I only have one tutorial published there, but more will soon be published. And I am also working on a mega series that will be useful to you eco-minded folks this holiday season. So stay tuned!

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