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i just love cardboard, and even more cardboard boxes. (here are some ideas to use them) but shoeboxes aren’t so bad, either! (and can you by any chance tell that we like superga shoes?) how did i use them this time? ok, try to imagine this table/desk in our living room…

…completely carpeted with toys which, all assembled, make up “la casa di bambolix” (bambolix’s house). ah, right, you still haven’t met her. i present you… bambolix (II)!

bambolix I (the name is playing with the word “bambola,” doll) got lost on some sidewalk, but we did find her twin at a newstand, she she also became bambolix. bambolix is much loved in our home. my daughter is her personal stylist. here’s a very fashionable top made from an organza ribbon and scotch tape.

and here is a little fleece dress closed with a couple of blobs of fun-tack.

not bad, huh? anyway, let’s get back to bambolix’s house. i wish i’d taken a picture of her ex-house on the table because it was truly impressive. i have no idea how many hundreds of teeny tiny things and not so teeny tiny things were on that table. for months. then i just couldn’t take it anymore. it took us hours to take it apart. the next day i gathered those shoeboxes and sofia, her cousin and i built…

…bambolix’s mobile home!

my rule was that all those little things need to stay INSIDE the house so we can clean every so often. and now it lives in her bedroom, not in the living room.

the kids decided how to arrange the boxes and i, armed with stapler and transparent packing tape, put them together as they commanded, creating floors, balconies, terraces and different rooms.

here’s bambolix sleeping in her bedroom (located above the pet’s house).

who wouldn’t want a bathroom like this, with a door going onto a terrace and another opening onto the balcony?

there’s even an elevator! after a few days the clothesline appeared, too.

an idea that i had was to use the cover of one box as the opening door of a garage.

what keeps the door opened? i stapled elastics under the cover and then folded some twisty-ties (the ones to close plastic bags) in half and stapled them onto the terrace above so that the tips would stick out over the edge. (i was quite proud of this detail!)

we made some open-air rooms by folding back some covers and stapling them, for example the white box below and to the left. we attached it to the rest of the house leaving a little passageway underneath leading from the front of the home to the back, as my daughter wanted.

i must say we did a pretty good job and the kids are having loads of fun playing with this dollhouse. (and i bet in a month or so it’ll be choc-full of stuff like our table was before.) the only thing that didn’t go quite as planned was its weight when filled with a gazillion little things. i’d imagined picking up the whole thing when we needed to move it to clean underneath. however it was too heavy and bent everywhere. the solution? the infamous cardboard playhouse that we made a few years back was at that point destroyed, so i took off a wall and cut out a long strip. (yes, our cat thinks she’s a doll in that doll bed.)

i placed the house on top of it, thinking i could simply lift up the cardboard “plank.” but it wastoo heavy for that, too. so i punched a couple of holes in one short end of the cardboard and made a loop with a big of recuperated cording. and now you can drag the whole thing from one place to another!

and there you have it: another completely recuperated and cost-free project which stimulates the kids’ creativity every day! (another fun idea is to make little houses from big plastic bottles!)


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  1. E' un progetto bellissimo e ricco di fantasia e creatività!
    Pensa che proprio oggi inizia la settimana europea per la riduzione dei rifiuti, questo mi sembra un ottimo modo di coinvolgere i bambini, complimenti!!

  2. meravigliosa…mi ricorda quando ero piccola e usavo tutto per fare tutto e quando era piccola mia figlia e anche lei creava meravigliosi vestiti per Lilou 🙂


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