happy daddy’s day!

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Nicky plays peek-a-boo at breakfast time with daddy.

considerably late, let me show you what my kids made for their daddy for father’s day this year (march 19). (this year i didn’t make him anything myself. last year i made him a sort of family portrait t-shirt and in 2010 a t-shirt with a reproduction of a portrait our daughter had drawn of him. yep, he loves his t-shirts!)

stand-alone picture frame: front

first my daughter drew him a nice picture to put in his office. but that smart little gal knew that daddy is very unorganized and drawings almost always end up under piles of papers and books. so she glued the picture onto a piece of thick cardboard and added a cardboard support on the back, so it could stay standing up on its own.

stand-alone picture frames: back
stand-alone picture frames: front
stand-alone picture frames: front

the little guy also made a work of art, but he spent most of the time decorating the edges of the paper with scissors.

stand-alone picture frame: front
stand-alone picture frame: back support

you may not believe me, but it was actually my 6-year-old girl who came up with this free-standing support system when she made me the above picture for my saint’s day last year. without any input from anyone else. great idea, huh?

homemade pen holder: the two sides

a couple of years ago my husband was a little envious of the gift our daughter had made for her grandfather for father’s day: a pen holder from a tin can. so we made another one this year, again for daddy’s office, with a picture both kids made together.

homemade pen holder, seen from above

he really appreciated it! how did you celebrate with your favorite daddies?

daddy admiring the homemade pen holder

p.s. in the photo at the beginning of this post, you can see nicky playing peek-a-boo with daddy at breakfast. but behind him, in the background, you can also see some jars with something delicious that i made for the first time. i’ll tell you about that another time! 🙂

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