DIY Beaded Napkin Rings with Elastic Cord

Make these easy DIY beaded napkin rings with wooden beads and elastic cording to keep your family’s cloth napkins in order! Make a set so that you can color code everyone’s napkins without mixing them up! A full set of handmade cloth napkins and napkin holders make a great DIY gift! #beadednapkinrings #diynapkinrings

I do my best to avoid using disposable products, which is sometimes easy and sometimes complicated. One of the easiest to use, though, are cloth napkins, which I’ve used for about 12 years now. And what better way to keep your family’s napkins separate than …

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Perler Bead Christmas Patterns for DIY Ornaments

These perler bead Christmas patterns are perfect for kids to make DIY ornaments as holiday gifts! #hamabeadschristmas #perlerbeadschristmas

If you have kids, you probably know all about hama beads. Or perler beads, melty beads, Pyssla beads, fuse beads or any of the other names for them. Those little plastic cylinders that you arrange into shapes and fuse with an iron. So today I’m …

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Easy Jack O Lantern Softie Tutorial – Great for Kids!

This easy Jack O Lantern softie tutorial is quick and easy to sew by hand, and a perfect Halloween craft project for kids who are just learning to sew! #halloweencraftforkids #halloweenkidcraft

I’m really excited to share this brand new Halloween craft for kids because this easy Jack O Lantern softie tutorial was created by a kid: my daughter, Sofia! Sofia had been sewing project after project from the Sewing School box set* (these books are AMAZING!) …

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How to make a 1-minute DIY jean hem bracelet

What a simple and quick way to get a funky new accessory! Save those cuffs when you refashion or repurpose your old jeans and turn them into a super simple DIY jean hem bracelet! All you need are scissors, a snap and 1 minute! #jeansrefashion #refashionjeans

I love refashioning and repurposing jeans. We all have jeans and when they become unusable for one reason or another, the fabric is wonderful for using in so many ways. I love the different shades of blue and the fraying of unfinished denim edges. But …

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Easy no sew felt snowflake ornaments from sweaters

Create the magic of snowfall inside your home, but without the cold! Make these no sew felt snowflake ornaments from a surprising repurposed material: felted wool sweaters! Hang them on the Christmas tree or string them as a garland or from the ceiling for a magical decorative effect! #diysnowflake #feltsnowflake #snowflakechristmasornament

What is it about snow that is so magical?! Is it the soft ting of cold as it hits your skin? Or the bright twinkle snowflakes make in the sun? The muted sounds right after snow has fallen? The sensation of catching frozen bits of water …

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DIY Greetings: Free Printable Holiday Cards with Cutouts

Invia cari pensieri handmade a famiglia e amici con questi biglietti di Natale fai da te da stampare GRATIS! Usa una perforatrice per un bel motivo! Un progetto semplice per tutte le abilità! #bigliettidinatale #bigliettidinatalefaidate #bigliettidiauguri

Last year I spent many agonizing months suffering through acute anxiety disorder and recurring panic attacks. It was a really, really bad time for me, and one part of my path to healing was communicating with people more and connecting with them on a deeper …

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DIY Printable Travel Game Book for hours of fun!

Niente più bambini annoiati con questo libro con 5 giochi da viaggio da stampare! Scarica e stampa pagine di Forza 4, Battaglia Navale, L’impiccato, Punti e linee, e Tris e crea un libro semplice per tutti i bimbi della famiglia! #viaggiareconbambini #giochidaviaggio

It’s summer, which means that there’s a lot of family travel which, in turn, means that there are a lot of bored kids on long trips. When my children are bored silly on plane or train rides, or waiting for adults to do something adult-ish, …

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How to get free sewing patterns from Cucicucicoo!

There are tons of great free sewing tutorials and patterns on the web, but have you been wondering how to get free sewing patterns all in one place? Cucicucicoo has dozens of free downloads and printables to sew, craft and create unique and customized clothing, toys, home decor and more! || #freesewingpatterns #freecraftingtemplates #freeprintables #sewingpatterns #crafttemplates #freedownloads #cucicucicoo #cucicucicoopatterns

I have some exciting news for you! I have moved ALL of my free downloadable materials into a new exclusive members-only area of Cucicucicoo! So, if you’ve been wondering how to get free sewing patterns and a bunch of other great free crafting materials, you are …

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Easy and Free DIY No-Scratch Rock Doorstop

Need a quick fix to keep the doors in your home from slamming shut? This DIY no-scratch rock doorstop with repurposed items is free and only takes 1 minute to make! #rockcraft #feltedsweater

Spring is here, which means windows are open, letting in fresh air, flowery scents and bird songs! Oh, and it also means that the cross breezes make our doors slam shut way too often. Our doors have frosted glass centers, and every time one of …

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Make a no sew felt poinsettia from felted sweaters

Felt your old wool sweaters in the washing machine and turn them into a no sew felt poinsettia! All it takes are scissors and a glue gun for this easy and festive holiday decoration! #feltedsweaters #diypoinsettia

Well, Thanksgiving is over, it’s starting to get pretty dang chilly out, the days are shorter, and my family is starting to get excited for the holiday season! One of my favorite holiday crafting materials is felt because it’s just so easy to use in …

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