advent calendar countdown: dec 11, 13, 14 (be artists!)

my daughter loves being an artist, so we frequently do projects to stimulate her artistic creativity. her advent calendar activity on december 11th was to make little books out of a single sheet of white paper. it’s really easy to fold and cut paper to …

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advent calendar countdown!

and here we are again, nearly the beginning of december, otherwise known as 24 days of trying to think of something nifty to put inside the advent calendar every day! a lot of bloggers talk about this and wonder what to put inside it. this …

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DIY easter egg hunt

easter egg hunt

  i always say that bi-cultural kids got it good because they get the best of two cultures, not just one. on easter, my kids (well, just my daughter for now because the little guy is still too little) got their italian gargantuan chocolate easter …

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How to make homemade foam stamps from old puzzles

Everyone loves playing with stamps! And it’s super easy to make homemade foam stamps from old foam puzzles and bottle caps… without paying a cent! A repurposing tutorial by

Our family is stamp-addicted. We have a really insane collection of stamps that we take out from time to time to create crazy scenes with people, speech bubbles, animals, aliens and any and every other thing you could possibly imagine. And I didn’t buy a …

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DIY foam stamps

My daughter has discovered just how much fun stamping is. And I have discovered just how expensive those cute stamps are. One of my posts that has gotten the most comments was about making stamps out of old flip flops, but that’s a bit labor-intensive. …

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What to do with broken flip flops? DIY stamps!

I HATE it when my flip flops break. Especially when they break while you’re walking on the boiling hot sand of a beach in the summer. And that’s what happened with these ones. The hole for one of the straps ripped open and I couldn’t …

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