Window crayons

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Every free moment these days I spend making new menstrual pads for my Cloth Pad Shop store,* so I don’t have my own original things to write about right now. Instead I’m writing about something I brought back home to Italy from the United States: window crayons.

They’re big twistable crayons that are softer than regular ones so their color spreads very well on glass with nice, strong shades. They might exist in Italy, though I’ve never seen them. In any case, they can always be ordered from other countries on eBay. In the past I’ve bought window markers, but the color comes off if you go back over where it’s already colored and it smudges way too easily.

My little girl just loves drawing, coloring and painting and any sort of new proposal is always welcome. So when I asked her if she’d like to color on the windows, she got pretty excited. As you can see here, she also drew on the wooden door, but luckily these crayons wash off really easily not only from your hands, but also from glass and other surfaces.

Yesterday was my husband’s first day of train rides for work after summer vacation so we decided to make his return home all the nicer with a welcome message on the mirror just inside the door. He was more than happy, as was the munchkin. So what’s my conclusion? Money well spent!

* Update 08/09/13: My Cloth Pad Shop store is now closed but you can visit my Etsy shop.

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