Me-Made-May ’13: what I wore May 27 – 31

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The last week of my Me-Made-May ’13 challenge! I managed to wear, as I’d pledged,  at least one of my own handmade (whether from scratch or refashioning somehow) articles of clothing or accessories each day. I must say that I’m pretty happy how it’s gone this month. I was worried that I’d end up half the month with regular store-bought clothes and just a me-made necklace or something. But I repeated clothes pretty infrequently and I pushed myself to even make various new clothes during this month (the reason why I don’t have posts ready for each garment or accessory, but they’ll be here sometime…). Go figure, I’d even completed a new project just in time for the weather to change here in Southern Italy, with the arrival of much rain and lowered temperatures, so I wasn’t even able to wear it in the end. Well, you’ll see it sooner or later, as well as the other projects.

Something that I really liked was that this challenge changed how I dressed each day. I don’t work outside the home these days, so I always have the tendency to wear the same comfy clothes days in a row. But having to take a picture each day and show it to the world pushed me to dress somewhat decently (except for some days, for example the day my son threw up all over me…) and also with more variation. I do normally wear my own creations, but not every day. This challenge helped me re-evaluate how I dress and I’m happy to see a particular style in these photos. Next time I’ll have to make it more difficult on myself, like wearing only me-mades and thrifted clothes, or something. We’ll see! For now, the last five days:

Me-Made-May'13: May 27

May 27:

It’s ridiculous that it’s cold enough at the end of May for boots.
Skirt from two t-shirts
Leggings from a long-sleeved t-shirt

Me-Made-May'13: May 28

May 28:

Luckily this picture was taken before my little guy dumped out all the bubble soap.
T-shirt with freezer paper stencil

Me-Made-May'13: May 29

May 29:
On the merry-go-round. Yes, it’s the same cardigan as the day before (I’d gotten dressed in a rush) and a scarf. It was cool out and I’d lost my voice after being in the cold-ish wind on the pier in Bagnoli May 25.
Scarf/Cardigan/Shawl from a pashmina scarf

Me-Made-May'13: May 30
Me-Made-May'13: May 30 Sofia

May 30:
This time I was the one to suggest taking a photo of my Sofia, too, because she was dressed in three things I’d made her. Except there wasn’t anyone else there to take the picture, so we’re separate. I’m dressed similarly to May 15 just to show the difference after resewing the leggings seams in the right color thread. It’s much less noticeable, though it’s hard to get perfect because of the stripes.
Striped leggings from a long-sleeved shirt
On Sofia: hairband
Refashioned “clown” pants (to be blogged! blogged!)
Shortened socks (the link is a guest post of mine, also in English)

Me-Made-May '13: May 31

May 31:
Look, I finally got my hair cut! It looked awful before… Anyway, this last day of Me-Made-Me ’13 I wanted to wear as many me-mades as possible, but I didn’t have a clean shirt that fit in with this outfit. And I forgot to put in an accessory or two of mine. Oops.
Oval wool sweater vest (I wasn’t able to finish in time for this last day. It’s still missing the button and an embellishment I was thinking of adding on. In the meantime, I fastened it with this pin.)
Double ruffle skirt
Leggings from a long-sleeved shirt

(edit: I finally finished this sweater!)

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24 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’13: what I wore May 27 – 31”

  1. You have inspired me to use more colour with my clothing because your colours and perspective are so joyous.
    I will post a close up of Fifth Avenue you for you soon.
    Thank you for visiting my little blog.
    Take care.

  2. Thank ye, Madame! I sort of wish that I'd given myself the haircut from that link you shared during a challenge like this because, if you can believe this, I never got a single picture of my head and it actually looked pretty great! By the time I started MMM'13 it was already too grown out and the weather'd changed, making it much less wavy and cool. We'll see how this one looks after washing out the lovely straightness.

  3. super super super!!!!!! Sei stata FANTASTICA! Te lo dico con un po' di invidia (ma una sana invidia!) dato che immagino tu sia molto veloce nel passare dall'idea alla realizzazione!
    Complimenti per il taglio dei capelli: ti stanno benissimo! e poi mi è piaciuto molto il gilè di lana e per i leggings con la cucitura mi è venuta un'idea: se ci applicassi una sottile fettuccia e così in altri punti dei leggings, sembrerebbero delle righe colorate orizzontali(tu sei alta e non avresti problemi!!!!!)

    Bacio e buon fine settimana <3

  4. * Ho scoperto il tuo interessantissimo blog passando da Silvia Mammabook e mi sono subito unita a chi ti segue per non perderti più di vista… adoro il riciclo ;-)))
    * Se vuoi leggere favole inedite per bambini (o chi vuol sentirsi tale anche solo per un momento) o vedere cosa fare con il riciclo o pasticciando in cucina passa a trovarmi che mi farai sempre molto piacere.
    Tante serene e gioiose giornate creative

  5. Oh you look so lovely in your me-mades!!! I'm so glad you found the challenge useful. I had the exact same problem, usually working from home and therefore wearing the same outfit day in day. I love how, as you say, your showing the world your me-made garments and style makes you mix things up and as a result feel more 'you', at least I do anyway!!! Hope you'll be back for more next year! All the best, Zoe xx


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