advent calendar countdown: dec 6, 15, 16 (eat it again!)

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bet that caught your attention, huh? this is the dessert that we were going to do december 6th for the advent calendar, but we weren’t able to do it. you can find the recipe here. below is before i let them set in the freezer (i did it like that because i didn’t want to wait!) and they look ugly as heck, but hardened and cut they’re quite lovely looking. they really fill you up, but gracious, how good they are!!! like a sort of fudge.

december 15: my daughter had been asking for a while if we could make chocolate chip cookies. she loves they way we do them, mostly when we roll the dough into a “sausage” and we cut pieces from it. i also had her measure out the ingredients, mix them with a spoon and electric beaters, open the eggs, etc. so it was very interesting for her. 

my favorite part, on the other hand, is when you eat them! i like them less well-cooked and softer, while my husband prefers them more crunchy.

december 16: more food… banana bread! this continues to be a favorite of my daughter, the family, everyone who tries it. again, she did it all pretty much herself, this time also testing if it was done with a toothpick. she was very proud of her banana bread… and as always it ran out right away!

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  1. oh, phoebe, can you share your italianized recipe with me? i don't know why i've had problems translating my recipe into italian and the consistency is off (hence the rolling it into a salsiciotto and cutting it!). yum is right!!


    270 gr. di burro ammorbidito
    225 gr. di zucchero bianco
    220 gr. di zucchero scuro
    2 uova
    2 bustine di vanillina
    375 gr. di farina
    5 gr. di bicarbonato di sodio (1 cucchiaino)
    5 gr. di sale (1 cucchiaino)
    125 gr. di noci tritate
    250 gr. di gocce di cioccolato

    Mischiare il burro e lo zucchero, aggiungere le uova e la vanillina e mischiare bene.
    Aggiungere gli altri ingredienti, mescolando bene. (L’impasto sarà duro).

    Mettere “a cucchiaini” su una teglia rivestita di carta forno. Mettere nel forno già caldo (190°) per 8 – 10 minuti o finché cominciano a diventare dorati. Non cuocere troppo.

    Lasciare raffreddare nella teglia per un po’ prima di toglierli.


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