From scarf to poncho

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you see this scarf? it’s ridiculously wide, not particularly evenly-worked and it has a few holes. know what else? it was my first knitted work 10 years ago. and i love it. being way too big to use as a normal scarf (i still hadn’t realized the difference between using a regular yarn and a thin one), i’d always wrapped around my shoulders at home during cold winter days. but it always fell from my shoulders and i always had to do it all over again.

then i bought reconstructing clothes for dummies (which i’ve already written about here). this book is awesome. it has all sorts of ideas on how to transform old or boring clothes into fabulous new ones. the first project that i tried was transforming a strip of an afghan into a sort of poncho. but my mega-scarf was the right size, so i used that instead. and i’m so happy with it!

how do you do it? you basically join the edges so as to form a spiral. i pinned it up with safety pins a few times before getting the right fit. and i hand sewed it with a bit of the same yarn that it had been knit in. at first i wanted to cover the seam with a nice ribbon or something like that, but i didn’t like anything that i tried out on it, so i left it as is.

this poncho is so comfortable! it’s obviously asymmetrical and you can wear it all different ways. for example, here i left the front hanging down. (yikes, bad hair…)

here i turned it and folded it over.

and here i pinned the front up (using a pin made by these talented artisans that i’ve already mentioned here). this is my favorite way.

and i learned another thing: modelling in front of your hubby as he takes photos of you with the multiple shot function (or whatever it’s called) is loads of fun!

21 thoughts on “From scarf to poncho”

  1. Che belli questi scatti, veramente molto divertenti!
    grazie di essere passata dal mio blog….per quanto riguarda la ricetta della crema che mi hai chiesto, per le quantità puoi guardare sul blog della regina del sapone dopve ci sono le spiegazioni per realizzare una cold cream…
    un abbraccio!

  2. thank you all!
    grazie a tutte!

    @pat: la sciarpa era larga 35 cm e lunga mi pare circa 180 – 190 cm. basta fare qualche prova adosso con gli spilli di balia per vedere se la tua funzionerà o no!


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