Socks on legs

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remember these socks? here’s what i made out of the second pair: kid leg warmers. i got the idea from two posts: equazioni’s in italian and make it and love it’s in english. in the second post there is a link to the tutorial that i used in the end, even if the only real difference is that the foot part of the sock, which becomes the top of the leg warmer, is made less wide before sewing on.

in theory i made them for my little guy who just turned one a couple of weeks ago, to use as baby legs, basically baby leg warmers. the idea is that they’re easier than pants because you don’t have to take them off for diaper changes and they protect baby’s legs when he’s learning to crawl. but seeing as it’s a tad cold to use them without anything underneath, i’m using them over pants when we go out.

and then i realized that they would also be perfect as regular leg warmers for my 5-year-old girl. she loves them and then admitted that her legs are often cold at school, so i guess i will be making more of these for her.

and of course i couldn’t leave myself out of this leg warmer mania, so i made a pair for myself too from this cross-over sweater that was too small for me but in a fabric that i really like.

i’d seen different tutorials for making them out of sweaters. there’s this one which is quite simple, but i never wear heels so i didn’t think the shape would be right for me. then there’s this one from megan nielsen (who also made the maternity wrap top pattern).

but the one that i liked the most from fireflies and jellybeans uses the sweater’s bottom hem as a top edge that folds down. and i also copied the idea of sewing on buttons. they’re so cute and they really do keep in extra warmth over leggings (as in this photo) or tights (or also tight pants, in theory, but i don’t wear them) or under normal pants (that is, ones that aren’t tight). this just might be the only thing from 80’s style (which has come back into fashion, who knows why!) that i actually like and it’s also something useful…much more so than teased hair!

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