Wristwarmers from socks

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i’ve already written about my sock dilemma and why i have a bunch of them to use in some way or another. i’d already done two projects using socks: the monster toy and the pot. i also had these socks, a bit used and longer than the others. but still the same poliester that i find so annoying under my feet (and that makes my feet sweat…ewww!). obviously i didn’t throw them out! here’s the first solution:

arm/hand warmers! they’re just great to use when i’m at the computer for a long time and my fingers get cold. and then they’re my favoite color and striped. and free. perfect!

first i made my cuts. i just took out a little piece of the heel and then the tip of the toe. they were comfortable, but the thumb space was a bit too wide.

so i closed up the thumb openings a bit with embroidery thread of the same color as the sock. they looked a bit too messy just left like that, so i also did a blanket stitch around the cut edges.

much better! yah!!

the next part, coming soon: transformation of the socks with the milan soccer team’s colors! (coincidence. i don’t root for any soccer teams!)

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