Wool Felt Banner DIY from Upcycled Sweaters

Make this wool felt banner DIY with craft felt or repurposed felted sweaters! A colorful and eco-friendly way to decorate your home or celebrate a party!

Today’s sewing tutorial is extra cool because this felt banner DIY combines three things that I love: repurposing felted wool sweaters, bias tape, and bunting banners. Fabric banners and paper garlands just make me happy. They’re so joyful and colorful, and there are so many …

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How to Sew a DIY Pillow Bed for the Floor

The easiest floor pillow bed DIY tutorial! Repurpose a sheet and stuff it with 4 standard bed pillows. A great easy sewing project for beginners! Awesome DIY gift for kids and adults!

I love snuggling down at home to read a book, watch a movie, or solve a sudoku. This is why I have a lot of tutorials for making pillows on this blog. So it was only natural for me to sew DIY pillow bed for …

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Top 17 Felted Sweater DIY Tutorials for Sewing and Crafting

Have you accidentally shrunk your favorite wool sweater in the wash? No fear, for here are the best felted sweater DIY tutorials for sewing and crafting! #feltedsweater #feltedwool

Most people get upset when they accidentally shrink a sweater in the washing machine. I, on the other hand, celebrate! The gorgeous, thick fabric from felted wool sweaters is one of my favorite materials to sew and craft with, and it’s also a great way …

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How to Make DIY Cloth Toilet Paper – Easy and Zero Waste!

Learn how to make DIY cloth toilet paper for emergencies when there are no more toilet rolls left in the supermarket. No sew family cloth is zero waste, ecologically friendly and costs nothing when you repurpose old sheets and T-shirts! #zerowaste #familycloth #clothtoiletpaper

I started working on this post about ten days ago, when we started locking down here in Italy for the health emergency, and people were starting to get worried in other parts of the world. My friends in the United States and other English-speaking countries …

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Conversation Heart Valentine’s Day Keychain Sewing Tutorial

This Valentine's Day keychain sewing tutorial will let you make a unique gift for your loved ones! Use upcycled fabric and simple embroidery for an eco-friendly present saying “I love you!” #valentinesdaysewing #valentinesdaygift #sewingtutorial

V-Day is coming up soon, so it’s time for all DIY projects to start featuring hearts and pink and the word “LOVE.” And, seeing as love is indeed what makes the world go round, today I have a fun Valentine’s Day keychain sewing tutorial to …

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How to sew splash balls from an old bathing suit

Learn how to sew splash balls with this free pattern and your old worn out swimwear! Fun summer play for kids in or out of the pool. Drop them in water and throw them at your opponent (or a wall or the ground) for a satisfying and cool splash! #diypooltoy #splashball

Oh MAN, is it HOT!! When we have hot, steamy summer weather, the kids and I love any and every way we can possibly stay cool. Which means we drink and eat a lot of really cold things (check out my popsicle and summer drink …

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8 Easy Homemade Recycled Cat Toys in under 5 Minutes!

Realizza questi 8 giochi fai da te per gatti con il riciclo creativo in meno di 5 minuti! Basta quello che hai già in casa per far divertire il tuo gatto preferito! #giochigatti #giochipergatti

I am, and have always been, a cat person. I love cats and have always had at least one since I was a little girl who begged her mother for a “kitty that goes meow all by itself.” About a year ago we brought two …

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How to make a 1-minute DIY jean hem bracelet

What a simple and quick way to get a funky new accessory! Save those cuffs when you refashion or repurpose your old jeans and turn them into a super simple DIY jean hem bracelet! All you need are scissors, a snap and 1 minute! #jeansrefashion #refashionjeans

I love refashioning and repurposing jeans. We all have jeans and when they become unusable for one reason or another, the fabric is wonderful for using in so many ways. I love the different shades of blue and the fraying of unfinished denim edges. But …

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How to make a neck pillow from a sweatshirt

Sembra comodissimo! Come fare un cuscino per il collo con una felpa riciclata in soli 10 minuti! Perfetto per viaggiare comodo o rilassarsi in casa! #cuscino #riciclocreativo

It’s funny how we can get super attached to an article of clothing, isn’t it? Sometimes you know that you can’t wear it anymore, but you just can’t bear to get rid of it. This was the case with my son and his banana sweatshirt. …

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Easy no sew felt snowflake ornaments from sweaters

Create the magic of snowfall inside your home, but without the cold! Make these no sew felt snowflake ornaments from a surprising repurposed material: felted wool sweaters! Hang them on the Christmas tree or string them as a garland or from the ceiling for a magical decorative effect! #diysnowflake #feltsnowflake #snowflakechristmasornament

What is it about snow that is so magical?! Is it the soft ting of cold as it hits your skin? Or the bright twinkle snowflakes make in the sun? The muted sounds right after snow has fallen? The sensation of catching frozen bits of water …

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DIY Chair Felt Pads in 10 Seconds with Upcycling

Protect your floors with these super fast, easy and FREE DIY chair felt pads! You can make these table leg pads from a surprising upcycled material in just 10 seconds for a wonderful anti-scratch effect on all your furniture! #diyhome #floorprotector

I don’t know about you, but I cannot STAND the sound of chairs scratching on the floor. I used to buy tons of those self-adhesive felt pieces to stick on the bottom of chairs, then I finally smartened up when I realized just how easy …

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Quick 30-second fix for flaking headphone pads

I cuscinetti rovinati delle cuffie ti impediscono ad ascoltare la tua musica preferita? Scopri un trucco super semplice e veloce per coprire i cuscini di schiuma con quello che hai già in casa! #riciclocreativo #cuffiecuscinetti

A few years ago my husband got sick of me always borrowing his headphones, so he gave me my own pair. Even though we were quite happy with these earphones, over the past year or so the cheap material covering the ear pads starting coming …

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Easy and Free DIY No-Scratch Rock Doorstop

Need a quick fix to keep the doors in your home from slamming shut? This DIY no-scratch rock doorstop with repurposed items is free and only takes 1 minute to make! #rockcraft #feltedsweater

Spring is here, which means windows are open, letting in fresh air, flowery scents and bird songs! Oh, and it also means that the cross breezes make our doors slam shut way too often. Our doors have frosted glass centers, and every time one of …

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The One Square Tote: an easy tote bag sewing tutorial

No more ripped plastic bags with the One Square Tote, an easy tote bag sewing tutorial made from a single square of fabric! Simple and eco-friendly! #reusableshoppingbag #totebag

Oh boy, guys, I’m excited because FINALLY I’ve gotten back to the beloved Learn to Machine Sew course for beginners! I left off back in September with a lesson on how to sew French seams, which is my favorite way to sew seams because they …

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DIY embroidered sunflower blanket from a ruana poncho

Trasforma un poncho di lana in un plaid con girasole ricamato! Ecco come ricamare con il filato spesso e quali punti funzionano meglio con questo tutorial. #ricamo #girasolericamato

Have you noticed that embroidery has been making a huge comeback over the past few years? I have been seeing a ton of it used in all sorts of ways, from embellishing home goods, to simple hangable embroidery art, to visible mending of clothing. And …

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How to Make DIY Vintage Tile Coasters (no scratch!)

Protect your furniture from scratches and water stains with these incredibly fast and easy DIY vintage tile coasters with repurposed sweater felt bottoms! #diycoasters #vintagetiles

What could possibly be more comforting and peaceful than a nice, hot cup of tea on a cold winter day? As far as I’m concerned, snuggling up under blankets with a good book and some good tea is pretty much the best soothing to the …

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Make a no sew felt poinsettia from felted sweaters

Felt your old wool sweaters in the washing machine and turn them into a no sew felt poinsettia! All it takes are scissors and a glue gun for this easy and festive holiday decoration! #feltedsweaters #diypoinsettia

Well, Thanksgiving is over, it’s starting to get pretty dang chilly out, the days are shorter, and my family is starting to get excited for the holiday season! One of my favorite holiday crafting materials is felt because it’s just so easy to use in …

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How to make a Christmas tree skirt from a tablecloth

Rendi le feste più ecosostenibili e meno costosi con il riciclo creativo! Questo tutorial mostra quanto è semplice cucire una gonna per l’albero di Natale fai da te da una tovaglia! #natalefaidate #alberodinatale

It’s the holiday season again, so today I have a brand new sewing and repurposing tutorial for you: how to make a Christmas tree skirt from a tablecloth! When I was growing up, my mother had a very festive knit Christmas tree skirt, which I …

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