More freezer paper stencils

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i told you it was addictive!! a few weeks ago i wrote a tutorial on doing freezer paper stencils on t-shirts with this warning. and you know what i did? i discovered kiabi (a sort of european old navy), took advantage of the good prices and bought a bunch of colored t-shirts for my daughter and me with the intention of decorating them with this technique. and i had a ball!

for me i did felix the cat (copying the image directly from the monitor from this website)

and the sign prohibiting any type of automobile from entering used in italian traffic signs

and for my little sweetie:

cherries(from here)

a nice bicycle (“borrowing” the picture from the beer glasses that i bought on etsy). for this one i used glitter fabric paint that i bought last summer at the recycle shop at the children’s museum in boston, which i wrote about another time, too.

and a nice little carrot (from here)

can i ask your opinion on something? i wanted to do another t-shirt stencil using scrabble tiles. looking around online, i found different photos of this stencil on the facade of a building which just cracked me up. i enlarged the image and traced it out (fixing the incorrect values for each letter) and was about to start cutting it out when i realized… if i put this picture on a t-shirt, it would be right over my boobs, obviously. but it’s not like i want to say that i made people look at my boobs because i’m super sexy with a fab bod or something, because anyone who’s ever seen me knows that’s absolutely not the case! and even if it were, it’s not like i would go around bragging about it. i certainly don’t want to go around asking people to check out my body. hmmm…i have a feeling i just need to get over this phrase and figure out something else to write with scrabble letters. ideas?

9 thoughts on “More freezer paper stencils”

  1. ma che belle…ti ruberò sicuramente l'idea, già sapendo che saranno buone solo per il parco ed i lavori sporchi: sono pessima in queste cose!!!!anche io da kiabi compro benissimo..Vado subito a provare la tecnica!!! Buon fine settimana! Dimenticavo: un piccolo premio ti aspetta da noi..

  2. In effetti forse sul seno non è proprio il massimo, però l'idea di questa scritta mi piace!!!

    Le altre magliette sono carinissime, soprattutto quella con le ciliegie e quella con il cartello!

  3. non lo so se il mio nome su una maglietta sia una buona idea. poi tutti gli spiritosi che mi passano per strada mi chiamerebbero per nome, una cosa che sicuramente mi darebbe molto fastidio! ma forse il nome "cucicucicoo"…? o non lo so, forse alla fine l'idea del nome non è male! ci devo pensare ancora sopra. grazie per l'idea! 🙂


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