Picture frame from a broken toy

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last summer while fishing around in my nephew’s toys, my daughter found one of those magnetic doodler things. the part that goes up and down to erase the picture was blocked. i managed to unblock it so it could be used again, so my nephew gave it to us. then, a few weeks later, it blocked up again, but this time for good. as everyone already knows, i don’t like to throw anything away. so i took it apart. i cut a rectangle from an overhead projector transparency and taped it on three sides to the top of the flat magnetic part so that it made a sort of envelope.in went the photo… …and onto the wall as a picture frame! this doodler already had a hole on the back for hanging, so it was really easy. the only problem was that i didn’t think beforehand that i would need to cut the photo to fit it inside, so i didn’t get it printed large enough. but that can obviously be taken care of easily. besides that, i think it’s a pretty nifty little frame! and free!

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