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wow! i’m pretty psyched to see how many nice people have commented and entered my first giveaway! i’ve decided to start figuring out who the participants are and figuring out how many times each entered. it’s possible to enter up to 3 times: once for commenting on the original candy post and following the blog in some way; once for writing about the blog candy in your own blog; and once for putting a link in your blog’s sidebar. you just have to do it by the end of 6 february 2010. (for reasons that i explained here, you can now enter until the end of 7 february 2010!)

down below there you’ll see a list of all the people who’ve entered so far (and i’ll update it day by day) with the number of times their name will be entered. i also put links to those who have blogs so that everyone can see just how many great blogs there are! so if you entered, make sure i got the right number of “points” for you. seeing as i went through a lot of people/blogs, i might’ve messed up somewhere along the line! if this is the case, obviously let me know and i’ll be sure to fix it asap!

another thing: i got a few comments from people but without any sort of link or e-mail. i haven’t put those people in the running because, if they win, i have no way of finding them again! so please remember, if you don’t have a blog, leave me and e-mail of some other way to track you down!

 giulia x 3 katia x 3 paola x 2
nereashop x 3 recuperando x 2 shanny bananny x 1
anna x 3 bismama x 2 fata azzurra x 3
cristina x 2 barbara x 3 federica x 3
rogerfromplymouth x 1 taced x 1 sonia x 3
aurora x 2 alessia x 2 che birba x 2
silvia x 3 giuliana x 2 lo x 3
bulika x 2 iana x 1 gail x 1
simo x 1 ukka x 2 vale x 2
beta x 3 benedetta x 1 poppy x 2
la mela in tasca x 2 sbrodolina x 3  abchobby x 3
 equazioni x 2  betsabè x 3  annadrai x 2
 francesca79 x 2  monicot x 1  dolci a …gogo!!! x 2
 *-cipi-* x 2 gemma x 1 leideesognate x 2
sissi x 1 lilly x 2 ork’idea atelier x 1
linda x 2 scricci_scricci x 1 milena x 1
roberta filava x 2 amrita x 2 lindawatts x 1
sandra x 2 regina x 1 valeria x 1
i sogni nel cassetto x 2 sibia x 2 rachele x 1
yummymummy x 3 barbara x 2 robygiup x 2
mariana x 2 denny x 2 patfi x 2
CLA x 3 mamma c x 3 mamma f x 3
martina x 1 trilli.tri x 1 simonetta x 1
rossella x 2 eli x 2 valentina x 3
maria x 1 merenesite x 1 michaela x 2
maria isabel x 2 karin x 1
last revised 6 february 2010

10 thoughts on “Blog candy participants”

  1. giulia: infatti, ne sono molto contenta! è un modo incredibile che scoprire nuove persone e nuovi blog! perciò ho messo i link a tutti quanti.

    sissi: grazie! infatti eri tu una di quelli che non hanno lasciato modo di rintracciarli! ti inserisco domattina nell'elenco

    lilly: mi fa molto piacere!

    un abbraccio a tutte! lisa

  2. uh che lavoro…e vaiiiiiiiiiiii mi sa cheho sbagliato qualcosa perchè puntavo al 3 ma nn so cosa ho hai tempo mi fai sapere 🙂

  3. argh! vi chiedo scusa a tutti e tre, anna, bismama e lo! ho la testa un po' fra le nuvole in questo periodo e ho guardato molti blog, quindi evidentemente non ho visto bene. ho ricontrollato e avete ovviamente ragione. l'ho cambiato: anna e lo 3 punti e bismama 2. grazie e scusate ancora!! lisa


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