Portable cardboard windows, a.k.a. House on the go


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Instant portable windows from a cardboard box

I recently got a new computer and have been transferring all my files to it and doing  a bit of cleaning up and organizing. And I realized that I have loads of old projects (old as in when I still had long hair and my daughter was missing her front teeth!) that I never ended up publishing. If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember the awesome cardboard box play house I made a few years ago with my daughter and her cousin. Or when we ended up saving it instead of throwing it away a few years later. Well, I eventually did end up getting rid of it over a year ago because it took up too much space and was falling apart. While folding the cardboard into flat packages to be recycled, I suddenly realized the great potential in the window panels and cut them off from the rest of the house. Voilà… instant portable cardboard windows!

Instant portable windows from a cardboard box

Seriously, how much fun are these?! We leaned them against the edges of a table to make an instant house.

Instant portable windows from a cardboard box

We just stood them up in the middle of the room and tickled and kissed each other (and Mr. Monkey) through the windows.

Instant portable windows from a cardboard box

We goofed around with them for an afternoon and then, when we were done with them, I just put them with the rest of the house in the recycling. So next time you have a big cardboard box but no space in your home for an entire play house, just cut apart the sides, chop a few windows out of them, and you can set up home wherever you want! Who can resist a house on the go?!



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