how to dress a monkey

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i’m sure that all mothers who know how to sew get requests every so often for clothes and/or accessories for toys. at least that’s how it is for me. (some examples: dog bones and collars/leashes and mermaid costumes for dolls) a few months ago i was preparing some doll diapers a bit differently from my fleece doll diapers i made a few years back. my daughter came to watch me and asked me for a diaper for her favorite monkey, “Mr. Monkey/Mr. Scimmia” (his name depends on the language spoken by the other people present) so nicely that i just couldn’t say no. so i put the other diapers aside (and i’ll admit that i still haven’t finished them!), let her choose a fabric and i did what i could right there and then.

sure, it’s not perfect (you can see the wrinkles in the front part where it’s too wide), but it’s not too shabby either. there are two layers of cotton overlocked together with a velcro closure.

the part that i just love, though, is the tail hole. isn’t that just adorable?! what a cute little butt! i had to do the edges of that with a regular sewing machine’s zig zag stitch and it wasn’t particularly easy considering the small space to move around in.

the biggest satisfaction, though, is when your daughter tells everyone that her mamma made it just for her and also when she hangs pictures of Mr. Monkey with his diaper on the wall!

but that’s not all! because then, months later, there were some i ssues taking off a homemade band-aid that she’d put on the monkey (toilet paper and scotch tape) and i had to cut off a bit of his fur. so we thought that maybe we needed a fabric band-aid for when Mr. Monkey hurts himself (frequently).

same story: child chooses the fabric and snap colors and mamma gets to work.

why are there two different ones? ah, right… because it turned out that the sheep needed one, too! (seeing as we’d even found a fabric with a sheep on it…)

it cracks me up how kids love it when their toys get hurt! or when they play hospital.

now i just need to figure out how to make some band-aids like these ones that I can use! 😉

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