personalized pool accessories: the footmat

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feet fit perfectly! upcycled changing room foot mats

i’ve already written about my first personalized pool accessory. now the second. most women in the locker room have a sort of synthetic mat they stand on as they get dried off and dressed. (edit: some readers asked me what these are. here you can see the ones at decathlon and now i saw that they even have them with feet drawn on them, but i swear that i’d never seen them like that before just now!) i didn’t want to buy something like that so i made my own little foot mats similar to these ones with our feet appliquéd on top.

upcycled bath towels and duvet cover for making changing room bath mats

i obviously used upcycled materials (what else?!): towels from my grandmother (which we didn’t use because the tiny percentage of polyester in them didn’t make us feel completely dried off) and scraps from one of the duvet covers i used for my portable pillow beds.

(update 10/03/15: for more detailed instructions on putting together the pieces, see this full tutorial on how to sew an upcycled bathmat!)

adult and child foot pattern for bath/changing room/locker room mats

first i cut two pieces the same size for the base, one from a towel and the other from the duvet cover. then i drew our feet. if you want, you can download the shape of my and my daughter’s feet here.

tracing feet pattern for swimming pool bath mats onto heat-n-bond lite

i always like to glue the paper with the outline onto cereal boxes before cutting to give more stability to the patterns. then you trace the foot shapes onto heat-n-bond lite (or whatever other product for appliqués) once right side up and then again flipping the pattern wrong side up so as to make both left and right feet. you apply the heat-n-bond to the back of the towels, cut the feet out and iron them onto the duvet cover as per the instructions.

criss-crossing towel border pinned onto foot bath/locker room mats

i was a little lazier with the other shapes and just pinned them into place. i made overlapping borders…

spiral appliqué pinned on to swimming pool locker room foot mats

… and, seeing as there was too much empty space left, i made some circles for mine and spirals for my daughter.

finished foot appliqué on swimming pool locker room foot mats

then you sew around the edges of the cut shapes with a pretty tight zig-zag stitch. the shapes attached with heat-n-bond lite don’t slip around…

finished spiral appliqué on swimming pool locker room foot mats

…but the ones without it can, so you need to be really careful when sewing them (and use a million pins!).

finished adult size changing room foot mat

then you sew the front and back together. here’s my foot mat…

finished child size changing room foot mat

…and my daughter’s, who, as you can see, loves her foot mat!

jumping on feet: upcycled changing room foot mats

i’ve gotten a *ton* of compliments from the other swimmers and conversations similar to this:

  • her: i love your foot mat! where did you buy it?
  • me: thanks! actually, i made it.
  • her: *you?!*
  • me: (a little embarassed) yeah… i like sewing.
  • her: but where did you find those feet?
  • me: i made them. they’re my feet.
  • her: (amazed) how did you do it?!
  • me: with some towels and a piace of a duvet cover.
  • her: nooo! what a cool idea! you’re so creative!
changing/locker room mats or... tongue-in-cheek toilet rugs?

but you don’t have to go regularly into a changing room to be able to use this type of mat. you can also use it as a tongue-in-cheek bath rug in front of the toilet to give the guys in your family a bit of fun!

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  1. That is sooooo cool! I can picture myself having that same exact conversation with you! It's interesting, though, the different pool customs between Italy and the U.S. I've never seen anyone using a synthetic mat in the pool changing room here.

  2. i thought you might like them, linda! do people in the states stand on anything while they get dressed or do they just do what i did until making these and wobble about on the pool sandals/flip flops until they manage to get their regular shoes on? or do they just do bare feet on the floor? that would be inconceivable in italy, but mostly because they'd be worried about people catching pneumonia! haha!

  3. Nella piscina che frequento io non ho mai visto niente del genere…ma dici che se ne facessi uno riuscirei a vestire mia nipote senza doverla rincorrere per tutto lo spogliatoio?:))))!


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