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about a month ago, when sheri from awesomesauce & asshattery and i were flattering each other’s work, we decided to do a little swap: i’d make her a t-shirt skirt and she’d make me an apron top. good times! not only because of what we exchanged, but because i got to know a bit this world-travelling canadian who is super funny, full of fantastic ideas and with a pretty exciting history. i really suggest you check out her blog, the shop where she sells her clothes (and not only) which are works of genius created from refashioned clothes, and her other business, mensch t’s, where she creates original designs and prints them on t-shirts. i find her so inspiring! next time i’ll show you what i made for her, but now just you look and see what fantastic goodies i found in my mailbox!

i just loved this apron top, so she made me one with tablecloth sleeves… so cool!

i loved it, although i admit that it was a bit wide on the sides for me (as you can see from the picture above. the first one is after alteration.).

no biggie, i just got rid of quite a bit of fabric from each side (more than what you can see pinned here) until…

…it fit just right! coolness, huh? originally it was a long dress that sheri had already cut and luckily had left like that without cutting it again to make a regular length top. it’s so fun as a tunic. (changing the subject: when i put on those purple leggings, i discovered that there was a huge oil stain left over after washing. then i remembered this little trick that i’d pinned a while ago: just rub white chalk on the stain and it’ll come out in the wash. i was afraid it wouldn’t work, seeing as it had already been washed, but i tried, rubbing the chalk on, leaving it an hour or so and then washing the stain by hand, and it worked! no more stain! hurray!)

but yes, you did see three packages in that first picture. so what else was there? sheri surprised me with a tie top that i’d complimented her on (and looks much better on me when i’m not posing for a little girl trying to take a picture with a camera that’s almost as big as her that she’s about to drop on the ground and her little brother is wreaking havoc elsewhere)…

… two lovely pendants

…and a mensch t’s t-shirt for each of my kidlets…

… personalized with their names on the back!

the geisha for sofia and the rapper for nicky! so, have i convinced you yet? isn’t she fantastic? go check her out RIGHT AWAY! you’ll find tons of inspiration and, if you understand english, you’ll fall over laughing! danke schön!!

7 thoughts on “awesomesauce-y!”

  1. The dress looks freaking gorgeous on you! Seriously perfect with your complexion! I'm thrilled the t-shirt fits too and the kids are, of course, groovilicious in their Mensch T's (with room to grow…yay!)

    Anytime you wanna do another swapsie just lemme know!

    *You are quite an inspiration to me as well my darlin'…and I'll also admit to having a massive girl-crush on ya! =O)

  2. sono splendidi questi doni, davvero originali e pieni di gusto!
    p.s. ti ringrazio per il trucco del gessetto….io ho una serie di macchie d'olio su vestiti ormai vintage!

  3. stupende le cose che ha fatto per te e i tuoi bimbi!
    ho visto il suo blog e l'ho trovato fantastico, il riuso delle cravatte mi piace tantissimo


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