Yet more zero cost summer clothes

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geez, how time flies. i’d wanted to write this post shortly after the last one about how to obtain summer clothes quickly and easily, but i was on vacation and just couldn’t. we took a nice road trip around northern italy, in areas where i’d never been before, climbing mountains, visiting friends, and breathing good air. and usually we were without internet access.

anyway, back to us. this summer, i didn’t want to buy clothes, even if my kids were missing some key articles. (what we already had, except for the socks, was second-hand from other kids.) first of all, i got my little girl all set with summer leggings. then i needed to procure some ankle socks. i didn’t have any for my kidlets, just long ones that were too worn out to pass on to another kid. so my solution? SNIP SNIP!

a swipe with the scissors, and we had enough summer socks for my little boy

and for my little gal. they don’t unravel in the wash and when it starts getting cooler again, they’ll just go into my bags of scraps for stuffing other projects (like my poufs and pillows). waste not, want not!

or maybe there was waste? i’m not really sure how to use the top parts of the cut socks.

one day my daughter wore them on her wrists like some athletes do. do you guys have any ideas? i thought i could sew them together to make a snake toy, but they’re not easy to sew because they’re so small and the ruffle up when sewing. hmmm….

the next missing article: my boy only had a couple of short-sleeved onesies, something we use a lot. we had loads of long-sleeved ones, though. so the same thing all over again: a pair of scissors… SNIP SNIP! i could’ve left them like htat, but i decided to serge the edges.

some of the sleeves were a bit too wide, so i slimmed them down before cutting.

and last, but not least, my little guy didn’t have many shorts. but i had a bunch left over from my daughter that were a bit too girly. these, for example, had lace around the hems.

i started taking it off with a seam ripper, but i honestly got sick of doing that pretty quickly. so i got the same old scissors… SNIP SNIP! and a sewed a new hem.

and there you have it! i managed to procure enough clothes for my kids for the summer without having to spend a cent!

16 thoughts on “Yet more zero cost summer clothes”

  1. Isn't amazing what we can accomplish with scissors? 😀
    As to the socks or their leftovers, maybe you can use them to make stuffed animals or dolls; or make embelishments for them and do fake watchs for the kids or make some bracelets for your girl and her friends??

  2. Ciao Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Ma sei tornata???? E tornata per sempre? Mamma mia quanto mi sei mancata!!! Certo che ti sei fatta delle vacanzone lunghissime!!!! Pensavo tornassi a meta' luglio o giu' di li'…

    Complimenti per il tuo talento di taglia e cuci e per l'opera di riciclo che fai!! Ma che non c'hai niente di rosso da linkare entro martedi?

    Bacio bacio,

  3. ciao alex! sì, siamo tornati. abbiamo fatto vacanzoni lunghi perché in due volte: prima io da sola con i bimbi negli states, poi siamo tornati a casa come dici tu a metà luglio per una 10a di giorni, poi siamo partiti tutti insieme per una vacanza italiana. ora siamo di nuovo a casa ma speriamo di fare anche un po' di mare nei primi di settembre, ma vediamo un po'.

    come avrai visto, ho guardato le ultime cose del tuo blog ieri, ma ovviamente non sono riuscita a recuperare tutto! non avevo visto che quello rosso fosse ancora attivo. mo' vedo un po'! baci!

  4. Quante belle idee nel tuo blog. quest'estate ho salvato dalla pattumiera diverse polo di mio marito e body di mia figlia. tenterò di farci uscire qualcosa di buono!!!!

  5. ciao luzzy! ma sicuramente ci riesci a fare qualche cosa di interessante! e nel caso strano che viene male, non avrai sprecato stoffe o altre materiali, e ci si diverte un sacco! fammi sapere che cose ne esce 🙂


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