carnevale 2012

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despite the fact that i finished the carnival costumes 2 days early, i am only now managing to post the pictures 2 days after the actual day of carnival! my excuse: a very tiring carnival celebration and a little boy with a bad cold and fever (and teeth that are just waiting to pop out). dang it! so anyway, now that i’m done making excuses…here are tinkerbell and peter pan!

let’s start with tinkerbell. i already wrote here about the tutu and wings. if any of you followed one of the links (on how to make the wings), you probably have already figured out what i used as a base idea for the tinkerbell costume.

i changed it a bit from this original. (and no, you’re not imagining things. in some pictures my tinkerbell has long hair pulled back in a true tinkerbell fashion while in others it’s shorter. one morning she decided to cut her hair herself, so i had to intervene with my own scissors!)

instead of making one piece (fearing difficulty peeing at school party), i made a top with snaps on the shoulders (the fabric wasn’t stretchy, so her head wouldn’t have gotten through) and a separate skirt. then at the last minute i decided to make shoe covers with tinkerbell pompoms, which aren’t in the original tutorial.

here are the wings as seen from behind.

i also got the idea for peter pan from make it and love it.

it was a very easy costume to make. i wanted to make it in fleece so i wouldn’t have to worry about hemming, but they didn’t have green fleece at the market. however i did find another non-ravelling fabric. the top and belt close with velcro.

i am particularly pleased with how the hat came out. i sewed tetrapak inside the fleece feather to make it more rigid. i moved the fleece aside in the picture below to show the tetrapak inside. i only wish i’d thought of that when i was making the fleece knife on the belt.

not only is this type of costume easy to make, you can also put it on over a winter jacket when you decide to go to a carnival celebration in the province of avellino on a very cold day.

it was about 10 days after the town of montemarano had been buried by snow and there was still an awful lot of it. it was the first time that my 5-year-old saw snow. and only the second time that i’d seen it in 10 years. which is absolutely crazy, considering that i grew up in a place where this type of snow is completely routine!

16 thoughts on “carnevale 2012”

  1. bei costumi davvero e i bimbi sembrano proprio contenti!

    i denti in crescita si intuiscono dal dito in bocca….i capelli tagliati pare sia una fase che attraversano tutte. A distanza di anni, mia figlia mi ha rivelato che lei se li era tagliate perchè le piaceva vederli "volare2 dal balcone…ecco perchè non ne ho mai trovato traccia…

  2. grazie, ragazze! siete troppo gentili!

    @daniela: fantastica tua figlia che voleva vedere i capelli volare dal balcone! sarà una sognatrice come la mia! per quanto riguarda la tua affermazione che è solo una fase…insomma, sarò rimasta anch'io sempre in questa fase! confesso che anche a me piace ancora oggi la sensazione di acchiappare un ciuffo di capelli e tagliarli! 🙂 lisa

  3. che belli bambini! e bravissima tu e tuoi costumi!
    La neve sempre e divertente, pecato el freddo! io ho visto la neve per prima volta 5 anni fa, quindi adesso quando nevica sono come una bimba 🙂
    (grande Trilli tagliando il suo capello, ora è più bella ancora!)

  4. Such cute costumes!!! (And GREAT idea to make the Tinkerbell one a two-piece!)

    And not sure I would've noticed the hair difference if you hadn't pointed it out, but her new short cut looks really sweet too!

    The photo of her making a snow angel — priceless. You can just see her exuberance!

  5. @tortuga: la neve, quando non si vede spesso, ci fa tornare tutti come bimbi!

    @karin: thanks! you know, i was thinking about you just this morning before seeing your comment, that i haven't checked out your blog for a little. we must have had some sort of telepathy going on!

    @ashley: thank you so much for visiting! it means so much to me! i'm a huge fan of your blog and have about 5 gazillion of your tutorials bookmarked! 🙂

  6. Ma che belli!!! Ottima l'idea del tetrapack, non ci avevo mai pensato!

    Certo che la tua bimba che si taglia i capelli da sola… non oso immaginare quando l'hai vista! 🙂


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