Back to school and life

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i don’t even want to think about how much time has gone by. i thought that i’d gotten past the hardest time at home with the kids, but apparently i was wrong. i really missed the blog, but i just didn’t have time for it. so i’ve decided to go back to it, but just as much as i can manage. i hope once a week, but we’ll see…(though that might be easier if my computer/internet were working properly, seeing as it’s not letting me post when i want to)

so, we’ve been back to school for almost a month (although my preschooler has been home for a week with fever/cough). and i had to get the new school smocks (in italy, kids up through elementary school have to wear a smock to school.). and obviously, sofietta wanted hello kitty ones. which cost at least €25 each.

instead, with the cheapest smock i found (€7) and hello kitty patches (about €3), i saved €30 for the two smocks. and sofia feels super cool, thankfully!

oh, and that flower at the beginning of the post? sofia made it with stuff stolen from my box of stuff for creative recycling. like mamma, like daughter. i’m so proud!

11 thoughts on “Back to school and life”

  1. oh lisa, i know exactly what you mean — life gets busy, blog gets pushed aside, creative soul misses blog and wonders how to make it all work. (i too was silent for all of july, aug and sept.)

    so anyway, i celebrate with you on your resourcefulness (i was just preparing an object lesson about that word when I decided to take a break and check my blog reader — maybe i'll use your smocks as an example!). and i adore the little flower, even tho it wasn't one of my own dearies who made it. : )

  2. a volte il tempo fa così…corre e sfugge….hai sistemato perfettamente i grembiulini della piccola, a cui faccio i miei complimenti per il fiore 🙂

  3. @karin: great to see you here! but you at least had a good excuse for being silent…moving takes up so much time and energy! if you ever figure out how to make it all work, let me know!! 🙂

    @lo: infatti, non so com'è possibile che il tempo corre così! grazie!

  4. e decisamente meno costoso che un grembiulino "ufficiale" di hello kitty!! questo anno l'abbiamo rifatto, ma con applicazioni generici, non di qualche personaggio, quindi costavano ancora di meno!


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