Refashioning a tent-shirt

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i just love the store kiabi. there aren’t any stores near me, but there’s an online store. and if you take advantage of bargains like “buy 1, get 4 free,” you can really get a lot for a little. the but every so often something weird pops up, like this shirt, which looked perfectly normal on the model online, but in the real world doesn’t have any shape at all and looks like a tent on. i didn’t take a tent-y picture before i went at it, but i know you know what i’m talking about. the type of shirt that makes you look like a sack of potatoes.

luckily, it’s usually easy to take care of. all you need is to stretch some elastic under your breasts and do a zig zag stitch (necessary is you’re working with a stretchy fabric like jersey). and seeing as it’s on the inside and will be pulled together, there’s no need to do a particularly neat job sewing it (and i always appreciate the opportunity to do a fast and messy job!).
wearing the shirt inside out, make a mark on each side seam where you’d like the elastic to go. then stretch the elastic along that area until it seems pulled enough and mark the elastic so you won’t have to measure it again after. pin the ends of the elastic to the marks inside the shirt and then pin the elastic to the inside of the shirt at regular intervals. if you want to do it at all evenly, divide both the length of elastic and the front of the shirt into an equal number of parts and do the math before pinning it to avoid having it super pulled on one side and limp on the other. then zig zag the elastic on, and you’re done.

and just look at that! (pardon the hideously bad self-portrait) not only have i lost that sack of potatoes look, but you can also see my little belly. i told you the other day that i had good news! after lots of hoping for another baby, i’m in the 6th month with a little boy! that explains why i’ve written mostly about food in the past few months of this blog! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Refashioning a tent-shirt”

  1. grazie a tutte voi! anch'io sono molto contenta…sia della maglietta che la pancia!

    @tania: una cosa così è davvero facile, non c'è bisogno di saper cucire bene e si potrebbe anche fare a mano. saper cucire anche solo un minimo è sempre utile…te lo consiglio! 🙂

  2. fanastico!!! complimentissimi!!
    non vedo l'ora di avere una panciona così anche io…anche se mi sa che a questo giro non dovrò aspettare tanto come con ale!
    e sono contenta anche perchè questo significa che sfornerai tanti tutorial interessanti da copiare!!
    un abbraccio

  3. ciao francesca! infatti, è proprio così…dopo la prima volta i muscoli della pancia non ce la fanno più. la pancia ha cominciato a crescere già nella 7a settimana, figuriamoci! anch'io sono molto curiosa di quello che ci farai vedere tu!
    un abbraccio, lisa


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