Vinegar and baking soda

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i’ve been reading recently about ways to clean the house and do lots of other things without using cleaning products from the supermarket, full of chemical ingredients with names i can’t pronounce. my mother has always remedied a blocked sink drain with baking soda, vinegar and hot water, but i didn’t know that vinegar removes limestone deposits better than viakal, or that baking soda gets yucky smells out of tons of things. i’ll write more about this after i’ve tested out more of these methods, but for now i’d like to just let you all know about some of my sources for ecological cleaning ideas. if you know of others, let me know!

the first place i saw something about homemade ecological cleaning products was the online collection of ideas called basta saperlo created by galline 2nd life and nella cucina di ely. these two italian bloggers propose lots of ecological ideas in their blogs.

then i discovered the site detersivi bio allegri, which is an incredible source of ecological ideas. they also have a pdf to download (in italian) that i am constantly consulting.

i read about this book in a blog (though i can’t remember which one). it’s called bicarbonato. un rimedio ecologico e alla portata di tutti, by lise soto. i haven’t read it, but it gave me the idea of buying a book or two about this subject. seeing as i already had a few things i wanted to order from amazon, i ordered the following three books (in english):

baking soda: over 500 fabulous, fun & frugal uses you’ve probably never heard of by vicki lansky

vinegar – 1001 practical uses by margaret briggs

and green cleaning: natural hints and tips by margaret briggs. this author also wrote a book on baking soda, but vicki lansky’s book seemed funnier. anyway, this book repeats a lot of things that are in the books on baking soda and vinegar, but also talks about using lemon for cleaning purposes.

i don’t know about you, but every time i discover a new ecological cleaning solution, i get all excited! i can’t wait to get the whole list of ecological strategies ready to share with you!

thank you beta for reminding me of another italian blog with very interesting ideas: casa organizzata.

and whoops! i just noticed i forgot to translate the title of this post! better late than never… 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Vinegar and baking soda”

  1. grazie beta! già conoscevo quel blog, ma non so come me ne ero dimenticata quando ho scritto questo post. non avevo visto il post sul aceto e bicarbonato. ci proverò sicuramente! da noi abbiamo l'acqua durissima, quindi bisogna sempre fare servizi anti-calcare! 🙂 lisa

  2. Ciao!!!
    Grazie per i tuoi consigli di lettura! Io spesso consulto il manuale dei Detersivi Bioallegri. Ho realizzato almeno tre detersivi autoprodotti e mi trovo benissimo!
    In più ora bicarbonato, aceto, limone, sale, acido citrico e percarborato sono cose che hanno sostituito i diecimila prodotti che avevo prima nel sottolavello!
    Aspetto i tuoi resoconti! 😉

  3. Grande idea!!! Io non ne so nulla su questo argomento, ho sempre usato i detersivi classici. Aspetto i tuoi commenti sui metodi che testerai, se sono davvero efficaci potrei farci un pensierino!


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