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first of all, i’d like to send all my best wishes to all you mammas out there! i know i’m a bit late, but my gift to myself yesterday was to not do anything, so no work, a bit of crafting and a lot of sleeping! i hope that you all had a wonderful day full of love and laughter!

second, i’d like to excuse myself for my absence not only from my blog, but also from reading other peoples’ blogs. this has been a moment that i’ve been having a hard time managing to get things done for a few different reasons, but i know that you’re all very understanding! 🙂

one of the reasons why i haven’t been writing is that i’ve been quite busy with “practical” things and so i haven’t had any time to create anything new, despite the fact that i have tons of ideas running around in my head! i recently ordered a bunch of books from amazon about sewing and craft projects. and i’d like to let you all know about 3 books in particular that i bought about recycling “trash” to create beautiful and useful objects. all three books are in english.


Craftcycle, Heidi Boyd. this book is just awesome and made my brain go into overload! it has more than 100 ideas for recycling lots of different materials that you throw out daily (and not only). there are some ideas that you see around relatively frequently, but most of the project are pure genius! of the 3 books that i’m writing about here, this is my favorite.

eco craft, susan wasinger.  this book is also pretty incredible and has some really amazing creative recycling ideas. the book is also very pretty to look at. the only reason why i prefer craftcycle is because this book has “only” 30 projects, but i want to try out quite a few of them.

rubbish! reuse your refuse, kate shoup. when i was reading reviews about this book before buying it, i noticed one reader who said it is just like the title: “rubbish.” i was still curious and bought it anyway, but i have to say that it did disappoint me somewhat. a lot of the ideas are not very creative or are even a bit ugly (like the address placard made out of aluminum cans that you can’t even make out the number on). i would suggest that you check out the first two books i mentioned here, which will fill your brain with all sorts of amazing ideas!

hopefully i will soon write about a project that i did yesterday from one of these books. but it’s still a surprise…you’ll have to come back to find out what it is!

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  1. cara cuci…anche io mi trovo in un periodo come il tuo..dove faccio fatica a seguire tutto….però è sempre un piacere passare da te per trovare info e segnalazioni e vedere cose belle! un bacione


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