Potty seat bag

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My daughter has just started using the potty regularly, a huge relief because we’ll be taking a trip abroad this summer for more than 6 weeks and I really wasn’t too thrilled at the prospect of bringing our cloth diapers with us and having to find a laundromat every 3 days. Nor of buying disposables.

Anyway, every time we go out we bring the potty seat to make it easier on her (and me!). But I needed some sort of sack to hold it. So I gave an old tank top that had gotten way too small for me, but was perfect for the potty seat, a nice facelift.

I made the sack with a drawstring, but it was kind of boring looking and not very kid-ish. So I decided to add some appliques from some little pieces of Alexander Henry cotton left over from a crib bottom sheet I made a few years back. Here’s the front:

and the back:

Now that’s better! And look! I managed to publish a post! Let’s hope that my blogger will work better now, because I have a bunch of things I wanted to write about….

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