Kitties on potties: CitiKitty review

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Today we finally started organizing our “box,” our storage area on the ground floor of our building, where we’d dumped so much stuff that we couldn’t even walk in it anymore. And we found lots of fun stuff we’d forgotten about. Such as the tray I used when I tried to potty train my cat. Yeah, like in “Meet the Parents.” Like this nice kitty in the picture. That way you don’t have to buy any more litter, or clean it, or step on it, carrying it all over the house under your shoes. Ecological and money saving to boot, cool!

I bought the CitiKitty kit, which includes a sort of tray that you fill with flushable litter and put on the toilet seat. It has concentric circles that are removed bit by bit so that a hole opens in the center and gets bigger and bigger until the cat is just forced to do its stuff into the toilet. And finally you take the whole thing off, but the cat keeps “eliminating” right where we do, too.

I was all worked up when I started with our darling Macchia. I got rid of her regular litter box and put this tray on the floor with litter to get her used to using it. When she was ok with it, I moved it onto the toilet seat and she used it there, too. Great! But when I made the first cut (only half of the central circle, the smallest one), she kept doing #1 there where she should’ve, but not #2. Instead she would do it on our living room rug or in the houseplants with the biggest pots, digging holes in the soil and then covering it up and leaving soily and I-don’t-even-want-to-think-about-it-y paw prints all over the house. Oh joy! After 2 weeks of this service, I gave up. And Macchia was oh-so-happy to have her regular litter box back again. Oh well, at least I tried! So if anyone out there is interested in trying, I still have the tray with all the information. Let me know, and it’s all yours!


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  1. Ciao Lisa
    peccato che non ha funzionato!! anche noi volevamo provare… sarebbe stato bello avere i gatti che vanno nel wc…
    Grazie per essere passata dal mio blog, ti segno tra i miei preferiti!


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