Green Cat, eco-friendly cat litter that works: a review


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The following is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are fully mine.

Green Cat lettiera ecologica per gatti: una recensione

I’ve always had at least one cat at a time since I was little, but most of the time they were outside and didn’t really use much cat litter. For the past six years, though, we’ve been living in a 4th floor apartment and it’s not possible for our cat to do her duty outside. Our bathrooms are small, so the cat litter is in a regular room that we use frequently. So it’s really, really important for us to have a good quality cat litter that will not stink after the first time it’s used. Then there’s also the ecological factor. Cat litters that you can generally find in supermarkets and in pet stores are made out of materials such as silica, bentonite or sepiolite which have to be excavated. They also have a negative impact after use because they have to be disposed of in landfills. In the United States, more than 2 million tons of cat litter ends up in landfills (source). In Italy the number is more like 350 thousand tons (source). I therefore am always on the lookout for a more eco-friendly cat litter. A while back I read a very funny post about cat litter recommending the brand Swheat Scoop, which is made out of wheat, however this brand doesn’t exist in Italy. I tried brand after brand of cat litter, some clumping, other not. Some more eco-friendly, some less. But I was never happy with them. That is until I found Green Cat, an Italian brand of cat litter made out of inedible barley waste.

Green Cat lettiera ecologica per gatti: una recensione
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Yes, barley! A material that can be grown over and over. But what’s even better is that it’s not grown just for the litter. The part used for the litter is the leftover waste from barley grown for other uses. So, not only are we not using unrenewable resources, we’re using what would’ve been discarded otherwise.

Green Cat lettiera ecologica per gatti: una recensione
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But it gets even better. While all those mineral cat litters have to get thrown out in the trash, Green Cat is totally natural and can be composted or flushed down the toilet. And you know how cats sometimes lick their paws after using the litter box? If there’s any litter stuck to their paws and they end up eating it, it’s no big deal. And you know how some cat litters make huge clouds of dust when you dump them into the litter box or when you clean it, making you cough? Green Cat has very little dust and what little there is is free of synthetic fragrances. Does the dust of typical cat litters make you cough? Well, just think of all the yucky stuff your cat breathes in when digging around in it.

But I still haven’t gotten to the best part: Green Cat litter works really well, better than any other brand I’ve ever tried. Urine clumps wonderfully so you can remove it completely without it falling apart. The rest of the litter stays super clean and doesn’t stink. Most cat litters I’ve used start stinking terribly after a week and I end up having to throw out a bag full of smelly, urine-soaked litter. Green Cat works so well that three weeks go by with no problems and I eventually have to add more because it’s been used up bit by bit and the litter box is nearly empty. But still no stink.

Green Cat lettiera ecologica per gatti: una recensione

I contacted the folks at Green Cat and they proposed that, in exchange for some bags of litter, I write a review of their product. I was more than happy to because this is truly a product that I love and wholeheartedly recommend. So let me show you just how well Green Cat works.

First of all, dispose of the old cat litter and wash out the box. I rinse the box out and then sprinkle about one tablespoon of baking soda in the bottom. I use an old sponge (which I keep aside ONLY for the litter box) to scrub all parts of the box, rinse it out, dry with a rag and leave it out on the balcony to finish drying completely.

Green Cat lettiera ecologica per gatti: una recensione

Then I dump the contents of a 6-liter bag of Green Cat into the box. You will notice right away that there’s relatively little dust and the smell is very natural, not of synthetic fragrances.

Green Cat lettiera ecologica per gatti: una recensione

The pieces are on the large size and tend to stick to cats’ paws and get tracked around the house much less than most other cat litters.

Green Cat lettiera ecologica per gatti: una recensione

Let’s let kitty do her business. If you are going to be offended and/or disgusted by pictures of cat stuff, please don’t read on.

Green Cat lettiera ecologica per gatti: una recensione

It’s hard to see in the photo, but this clump of cat litter is actually a clump of urine. See how it physically sticks out from the surface, even after shaking it to the top for the photo?

Green Cat lettiera ecologica per gatti: una recensione

And see how the clump remains intact even after shaking it around with the pooper scooper?

Green Cat lettiera ecologica per gatti: una recensione

If you were using a mineral-based cat litter, you would have to throw it in the trash. But with Green Cat you can just dump it into the toilet!

Green Cat lettiera ecologica per gatti: una recensione

After a week or so, you might want to mix a couple of tablespoons of baking soda into the cat litter to help fight odors, but I usually don’t have to with Green Cat. Then when it’s time to get rid of what little is left at the bottom of the litter box, you can just compost it. Doesn’t it feel great to know that you’re helping the environment and your and your cat’s health?

Green Cat lettiera ecologica per gatti: una recensione

So are you convinced? Then go buy a bag, or two, or ten! Green Cat isn’t found in most supermarkets and pet stores, but here is a list of some of the places you can find it in Italy. I personally discovered it in an Ipercoop store, but you can also order from the online shop. Green Cat is also distributed in many GAS (Gruppo di Acquisto Solidale) groups in Italy, so you can also contact them directly to get more information about that.

Question of the day: Are you a cat person or a dog person?

I’ve always loved cats. My family still to this day remembers when I was a little girl and told my mother that I wanted “a kitty that goes meow all by itself”! We got our first cat shortly after, not so much because I wanted one, but because it helped keep away the mice!



  1. AuntSue
    Love cats and dogs. A home seems to need both cats and dogs, as well as some children.
    This Green Cat seems amazing! Would love to try it. Is it available in the States?

    • Hi Susan, what’s your experience with the mixture of cats and dogs? (and children?) I find that my one cat doesn’t like any other animal near her, though she and my kids love each other. I’ve heard/seen/known so many kids that have gotten bitten by dogs, it honestly would scare me to have a dog in our home.
      Unfortunately Green Cat is not available in the States now, but I hear that Swheat Scoop is great. If you read the comment below yours, you can read about it from another reader.

  2. We have three rescue kitties and here in California, we use Swheat Scoop, but even with three kitties and my husband scooping it every day it’s hard to cover up cat smells. We keep 2 litter boxes in the bathroom, one upstairs and one downstairs. He also uses baking soda to keep the odor down. We used to use Arm & Hammer’s brand with Baking Soda, but it was so dusty. This combination isn’t as dusty. I’ve had difficulty finding SS in our local stores though. Several larger chain stores near us used to carry it, but the only place I seem to be able to get it is a chain pet store, Petco. The problem is that the stuff is heavy so 14 lb bags, the smallest are the most convenient and sell out quickly even though there are larger bags, 30+ pounds, but my husband and I cannot carry them upstairs. I’ve emailed the company several times explaining the situation and they have been very helpful in assisting me find their product, but they weren’t aware that two large chain stores, Safeway and Target, quit carrying the litter. Thank God for Petco or we’d have to switch to something not so eco-friendly.

    • That’s wonderful that you have three rescue kitties! I suppose that once you get more than just one or two cats it gets harder to cover up smells. I’m not sure if I understand what combination of baking soda and something else you’re talking about, but it sounds interesting.
      It’s not easy to find Green Cat in Italy, either, but at least when all else fails you can just order it and also it comes in small enough bags so that they’re not too heavy.

  3. Just a word of warning, if you put baking soda in your cat litter it tends to get all over the place! Or maybe I just put too much in when I tried it… but I ended up with white kitty foot prints everywhere.


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