Me-Made-May ’13: what I wore May 8 – 12

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And here’s the continuation of my challenge to wear at least one garment and/or accessory that I’ve made/refashioned per day of May. (Click here to see the first week.) There are a few projects here which I haven’t been able to write about yet, but will do as soon as possible!

Me-Made-May '13: May 8

May 8:
My daughter and I dressed the same (at least from the waist down) for this post‘s picture. Seeing as she was in the shot with me and couldn’t be the photographer as ususal, another 6-year-old girl helped out… her best friend from school!

Me: cotton and glass bead knitted necklace like this one
green t-shirt
“snowflake” skirt (and in that post you can just see the same leggings!)
geometric leggings

Sofia (even if it doesn’t count for the challenge):
not-so-white t-shirt
geometric leggings

Me-Made-May '13: May 9

May 9:
That morning I brought the kids to school dressed one way and picked them up another way. My sister gave me this skirt that didn’t fit her anymore (go figure, it was too big for her and sometimes is still too tight for me!) as she sometimes does (she also gave me this very cute skirt) and I wore it for a few years. But that morning I pulled it out from my summer skirts that I still hadn’t put away in my wardrobe for the season and it suddenly seemed completely unwearable as it was. Then I took out my melon seed necklace only to discover that the string had broken and the seeds fell everywhere. So I put on a necklace that my daughter made for me. I got back home and spent the morning redoing both skirt and necklace, among other projects. The skirt looked a whole lot better when I left the house again!

before necklace: made by my daughter
after necklace: melon seed necklace
tank top and cardigan: both Old Navy
refashioned skirt (post coming soon! here it is!)
refashioned leggings (post coming soon! here it is!)
Palestinian sandals from Altromercato shops

Me-Made-May '13: May 10 (Friday Theme: in your sewing area)

May 10:
On the flickr group of Me-Made-May ’13 participants voted for Friday themes. The theme for this day was “Sewing, Knitting, Creating Space.” My work space is set up in a way that it’s pretty hard to photograph. So here’s just one part: a wall with a shelving system that we recently set up ourselves. It’s a system of aluminum tubes which are cut to size and connected with special steel grip things. It takes up a whole wall and I’ve managed to organize a very large part of my materials, both sewing and upcycling, mostly in fruit crates that most greengrocers here throw away. Below the shelving is part of the old kitchen that was in our apartment before moving in that we got repainted. This was the sink, so we took off the top part and instead put on a big slab of marble taken from an old table. There’s a bit of a mess (pretty limited, I admit): cloth pad patterns, toilet paper tubes for future projects, a box of fabric dye…

dress: ha! again given to me by my sister!
ethnic necklace, but I don’t remember from where
refashioned leggings (different from the previous day’s. post soon! here it is!)

Me-Made-May '13: May 11

May 11:
We took this picture in our courtyard, in front of a bay tree and a wall of tufo, the volcanic rock so typically used in the area around Naples.

Colombian shell necklace
tie-shirt cardigan
burgundy pants
Rocket Dog sneakers

may 12 sant'agata dei goti (BN) - Italy: vista sul vallone

May 12:
Happy mother’s day! To celebrate, we spent the morning in Sant’Agata dei Goti, a historical town built on the edge of a beautiful gorge.

Me-Made-May '13: May 12

It was a bit chilly, so we got wore heavier clothes.

inifinity scarf
thrifted camisole and shirt
inner tube bracelet
wine-stained jeans
(and again, Sofia with her leggings, which she wanted to wear because I’d made them and we were celebrating me!)

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  1. Meravigliosa questa sfida! Complimenti per l'idea, proprio carina! A questo proposito nei prossimi giorni, sul mio blog parte un'iniziativa che potrebbe interessarti. Stay tuned! Ma appena parte, magari passo ad invitarti ufficialmente!

    Buona giornata

  2. Grazie, ma l'idea di questa sfida non è mia! come ho scritto qui, è una sfida che si fa ogni anno (a volte anche più volte) su so zo…, ma è la prima volta che partecipo io. Sono curiosa di sapere di più sulla tua iniziativa!

  3. Lisa — I love seeing my old clothes on you. And most of all — I LOVE what you did with that pink skirt! It has so much more flair now! I never cease to be impressed with what you manage to produce with your imagination and a sewing machine!

  4. I love wearing your old clothes! It makes me feel close to you even if we live so far away from each other! I know, now that pink skirt is just so much fun to wear! The fabric is so cool, but the cut was so blah, even if it did flare out. I feel so much more ME now wearing it! Thanks again! xo

  5. Grazie, Phoebe! é una sfida molto interessante per me perché mi sfida anche a guardare i miei vestiti in un altro modo e constringermi a non indossare sempre le stesse cose!


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