Me-Made-May ’13: what I wore May 13 – 19

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And here’s the continuation of my Me-Made-May challenge. (And here are the first week and the second week.) This week was the first to present some difficulties, which I’ll write about below.

Me-Made-May '13: May 13

May 13:
A day spent at home doing housework and balcony gardening.

t-shirt: thrifted
capri pants made by further shortening terribly short pants (post coming soon! here it is!)

Me-Made-May '13: May 14
Leather flip-flops

May 14:
This was the first time I wore the sandals I made at last October’s Creattiva fair in Naples, Italy. There was a stand of Ferrigno with lovely artisan-made shoes and the shoe-maker also gave one-on-one lessons to people who wanted to make their own sandals, choosing among various models and colors. Unfortunately at that point the weather was already too chilly and rainy, so I had to wait for quite a few months to wear them! Looking at this picture I realized that my feet needed a bit of nail polish…

Me-Made-May '13: May 15

May 15:
…and so I put some on the next day! (The sandals look much nicer with a bit of green nail polish!) Nobody wanted to leave me alone for that days’ picture. I fuzzed the older boy’s face because he’s not my child and I didn’t feel like I had the right to publish it, but it’s a shame because he was making the funniest face!

tie-embellished t-shirt by Sheri
jean shorts
leggings refashioned from a long-sleeved shirt
handmade sandals (see May 14)

Me-Made-May '13: May 16

May 16:
The weather here these days is bizarre. Often the mornings are very chilly but then by mid-morning it’s freakin’ hot! I was just fine dressed this way when I brought the kids to school, but when I picked them up, I was melting!

bird’s nest necklace by Sheri
green shirt
asymetrical skirt made from two t-shirts
fake suede boots which refuse to be cleaned in any way

Me-Made-May '13: May 17

May 17:
Don’t I look a tad tired here? That’s because the night before, my little guy starting vomiting and didn’t stop for the rest of the night. Which means that neither my husband, my little one nor I got much sleep. This is when I started having problems keeping up with the challenge because I spent half the day in my PJs with a sick boy. This picture was taken the one moment I was able to go out… to go to the pharmacy!

necklace made out of a t-shirt and beads upcycled from an old pair of flip flops (still to be blogged about! done!)
H&M shirt (bought years ago, though I will no longer buy anything from these clothing chains which get their items made in sweat shops with terrible working conditions.)
embellished jeans to cover wine stain

Me-Made-May '13: May 18

May 18:
Day #2 with vomiting child, but let’s also add fever and diarrhea. Yes, my t-shirt here looks suspiciously like the one I’m wearing in May 19th’s picture because… this picture was taken on May 19, not May 18. Just to keep up with the challenge, I had worn this handmade necklace… that is until he vomited all over me. I don’t think anyone would’ve wanted to see a picture of my vomit-covered clothes. A picture the next day with a picture frame behind my head and a picture of Barbabravo on the wall is slightly better.

Me-Made-May '13: May 19

May 19:
Third day at home with sick, though slowly better, boy. Another day when I just couldn’t care less about wearing something decent (in part because I couldn’t go to Rome as planned that day to meet up with my Californian aunt and uncle who I hadn’t seen in years and I was really bummed about it), so I just put on my yoga pants made from a skirt. You can see part of our balcony garden (here there’s basil, lettuce, cucumber, cantaloupe and lemon) with plant markers I made with my daughter (which I still have to blog about. I have a ton of things to blog about still!!) And behind me is our beloved mountain, Monte Somma, the less famous half of the volcano Vesuvius. And you can also see that I really need to cut my hair short, seeing as I wear it in a ponytail nearly every day! Perhaps next week you’ll see a change there!

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