criss cross scarf

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a few years back i received this scarf from alessia as part of a swap. i really liked the color, the yarn and how it’s worked, but i couldn’t figure out how to wear it properly.

perhaps it’s supposed to be worn like this, but i prefer scarves that can be pulled tight against my neck to keep it cozy.

i was inspired by this criss-cross scarf from the book 101 designer yarn stash wonders which i’d wanted to knit, but wasn’t able to figure out.

so i decided to refashion this cowl scarf as best i could with the sewing machine. first i sewed two parallel lines close to each other and cut the scarf between them to open it up. it’s important to sew the yarn first or else it could unravel.

then i folded the two ends backwards, trying to make a nice curved edge. i sewed the edges down and cut off the excess. they didn’t come out perfect nor particularly even, but whatever…

then i sewed two big buttonholes and snipped the yarn in the middle.

and voilà! there’s the new scarf! you slip the end of it into those two holes to tighten it around your neck.

like this! well, it’s not quite as cute as the one in the book, but at least now i’ll actually wear it!

p.s. you see all that hair? i can’t take it anymore!! i’m about to chop it all off!!

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  1. davvero, sembriamo avere delle vite parallele! spero di farlo la settimana prossima (nel fine settimana ci sono troppe persone dal parucchiere quindi lo escludo. non sopporto aspettare due ore per un taglio!).


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