snowflake skirt

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yes, i’m taking a little break from the advent calendar countdown. i can’t post every day and then i was also having internet problems. so today i’ll show you a very, very easy refashioning project… the snowflake skirt.

i found these little doilies (i imagine test pieces for larger projects) amongst my husband’s aunt’s things.

and i had this very blah skirt.

i’d chosen which doilies i wanted to sew to the skirt and had even safety pinned them on months earlier. but i hate hand sewing, so i never got around to it.

then one day i realized that i could just machine sew them. i used a perfectly matching thread color and was very careful to sew on top of all those super thin crocheted lines, so you can’t see the stitching at all.

see? from the back you can appreciate the sewing done.

this makes me think of snow falling at night. it was so simple, i can’t believe i waited so long to make this cute “new” skirt that now i love wearing!

4 thoughts on “snowflake skirt”

  1. Si: è davvero un'idea semplice ma bellissima e originale! Proverò a metterla in pratica per le Feste, ho un sacco di "prove" all'uncinetto da sfruttare… 🙂
    Yes: it is really a simple but beautiful and original idea! I will try to do something for the holidays, I have a lot of crochet "experiments" to use … 🙂


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