advent calendar countdown: december 6 – 8 (eat it!)

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i proposed yummy activities for these three days of activities. on december 6, i proposed making these chocolate, peanut butter and marshmallow cookies that you don’t bake. except it was a pretty busy day and in the end we didn’t get around to it. but i hope to find the time in the next few days!

in theme, on the 7th we made big mugs of homemade hot chocolate and we melted mini marshmallows on top. then we enjoyed it on the couch watching a movie of her choice. even if she watches too much tv, watching something together is always fun!

on december 8th we did without marshmallows, but again made something yummy and not-so-healthy: spritz cookies. you use a cookie press with interchangable plates to make different shapes. as a girl i always loved not only eating them, but also making and decorating them. my sofia had a great time, too.

the only thing is that they’re full of butter and sugar, so i’d like to look around for a less hard-core recipe. when (if) i find one that works out well, i’ll share it with you!

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