Painting with a little pizzazz

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if all goes well, at this moment i will be travelling with my kids to the united states to visit family and friends. (i scheduled this post, i’m not writing from the plane!) my little guy spend all weekend with a high fever and i was pretty worried that we might not be able to board the plane. luckily the fever went away. let’s just hope it doesn’t come back!! so here’s a pretty lightweight post that i managed to prepare before leaving.

sometimes it doesn’t take much to make kids happy. just the slightest departure from the usual and it becomes something totally new. last week my daughter’s friend came over to play and they asked me very urgently to be able to see the “scatolone fabbricone” (on an italian children’s tv program they take out this box with supplies and materials that you can find hanging around the house and they make things out of them).

inside they found different types of paints, glitter glue, paint with shapes in it, lots of paintbrushes and scallop shells. (i can’t wait to eat big plates of scallops, which cost a LOT less in my area of the states!)

i left them to it and they were thrilled! my daughter then got a few rocks collected from the beach and they painted those too. the simple fact that they were painting something besides paper made it a very fun and new activity for them.

my daughter’s friend asked me why i was taking all those pictures. my daughter: “ah, i’m used to it!” ha ha!

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